Something that just didn’t come to mind. Scientists have checked where deja vu comes from

[ad_1] Everyone is familiar with the state in which we feel as if we have been in a similar situation or a similar place before. This state, which is not always pleasant, lasts a few seconds and passes quickly, leaving us wondering: when could this have happened to me? Surprisingly, scientists still do not have […]

Women’s health: symptoms and prevention of mastopathy

[ad_1] Today, the number of women suffering from mastopathy has increased significantly. This pathology was noted in 40-60% of patients of reproductive age. And in the presence of gynecological diseases, the risk of developing mastopathy increases to 98%. A neglected disease threatens with severe complications, in which surgical intervention may be required. To save feminine […]

Early miscarriage: causes and prevention

[ad_1] “The causes of miscarriage at different times may vary, but may also coincide, — explains Alla Meshcheryakova, obstetrician-gynecologistCandidate of Medical Sciences, Consultant of the Women’s Medical Center. — The most important thing is to understand why this happened to you. Finding the cause, you can avoid another loss. Causes of early miscarriages “Unfortunately, to […]

S.S. Konovalov «Women’s Diseases»: for whom was this book written?

[ad_1] Recently, a lot of specialized medical portals and online forums have appeared on the Internet, where you can: get professional advice from highly specialized doctors (free of charge); exchange opinions about the clinic or specialist with other patients; compare proposed treatment regimens; learn more about new drugs for the treatment of a particular disease […]

How transvaginal technology saves women from pain

[ad_1] You can envy the fair sex — the female body is designed in such a way that it is possible to perform an abdominal operation without leaving a single scar on the skin. The path to the kidneys, stomach and other internal organs, the surgeons laid through the female vagina, and this method avoids […]

Is it better to chew? What is the danger of a «liquid diet»

[ad_1] There are many ways to lose weight: some choose loads in the gym, others try to go on a diet. And these very diets today are apparently invisible, for every taste and mood. So, one of the directions was a liquid diet, which provides for the rejection of solid foods for a while. But […]

Cold water therapy: attitude at home and abroad

[ad_1] Winter swimming, hardening with cold water, dipping into an ice hole after a steam room — for our country, all this does not seem strange or illogical. Well, not everyone does this. But certainly no one is surprised to see vigorous healthy men swimming in rivers and lakes in winter or late autumn. But […]

Sleep in no eye. Why do we wake up in the middle of the night?

[ad_1] Sleep problems always lead to health problems. After all, sound and comfortable sleep is considered by experts to be among the factors that improve the quality of life. Situations when it is difficult to fall asleep are not uncommon. And there are many reasons for this. Which ones, told neurologist, member of the […]

Types and causes of female infertility: why there are difficulties in conceiving a child

[ad_1] The female body, prepared by nature itself for bearing offspring, for reproduction, sometimes turns out to be incapable of such an important mission. This situation — infertility — for many women is a real tragedy. The causes of infertility are different, but modern medicine has been solving many of them for many years by […]

The diagnosis is winter. How to prepare the body for the cold?

[ad_1] Winter is not far off. And behind her, she usually carries a lowered mood, a desire to hide under the covers, an increased appetite and a desire to somehow survive all this before the summer. Experts note that the first thing you should pay attention to in order to survive the winter vigorously is […]