Minimum pills: how guaranteed is contraception and are they safe for health

[ad_1] Unlike combined oral contraceptives (COCs), which contain two types of hormones (estrogen and progestin), mini-pills, or “minimum pills”, contain only one, progestin, and even then in small doses — only 300-500 mcg. It is this feature that provides them with a soft action and a certain versatility. Mechanism of action Taking combined drugs blocks […]

Phytoestrogens: hopes and reality

[ad_1] There are many rumors and legends about phytoestrogens. The idea of ​​phytoestrogens has become one of the keys to the competition among alcohol producers. For many years now, among ordinary citizens, passions have not subsided over soy products and beer, which gives Russian machos feminine forms. MedAboutMe figured out what phytoestrogens are and is […]

How to survive monthly pain syndrome?

[ad_1] Painful menstruation is a monthly curse for 30-50% of women of reproductive age. Pain, spasms, a state of general discomfort are knocked out of the usual rhythm of life and lead to conflicts with others. MedAboutMe figured out how to deal with painful periods. What is dysmenorrhea? Dysmenorrhea (aka algomenorrhea) is actually painful spasms […]

Scientists: 50-year-old men are actually 4 years older

[ad_1] Scientists from the University of Jyväskylä in Finland have found that 50-year-old men are, on average, 4 years older than women, based on biological age. They compared the chronological and biological measures of body age in thousands of people using tests that assess aging by subtle DNA markers. The difference between the sexes began […]

Dangerous shine. How to remove the chemical wax of apples — advice from Rospotrebnadzor

[ad_1] Rospotrebnadzor published instructions on how to peel wax from fruits in Telegram. This topic has been on the minds of consumers for a long time. And there are many videos with scary stories about apples covered with this wax, and with folk instructions on how to get rid of it. And now the advice […]

Psychological consequences of spontaneous abortion: what is important to know

[ad_1] Pregnancy, which did not end with the birth of a child due to spontaneous abortion, miscarriage or stillbirth, causes many feelings and experiences. What to expect when you are no longer expecting a baby? MedAboutMe talks about what affects feelings, how to help women cope with the feeling of loss, and research scientists warn […]

I am not an alcoholic! Why do people get drunk without noticing?

[ad_1] “I can’t live without champagne. When I win, I deserve it; when I lose, I need it.” Words that are attributed Winston Churchillare reminiscent of the excuses of people who drink alcohol. They do not consider themselves addicted people, let alone alcoholics. spoke with Gestalt therapist Andrey Inozemtsevto understand what lies behind the […]

Nerve cells are restored? Can MEMOPROVE® help?

[ad_1] One of the most urgent medical problems of our time is cognitive health disorders. What it is? Doctors and psychologists define the concept of cognition (from the Latin word cognition) as knowledge, study, awareness. What is the boss’s name? In the broad sense of the word, cognition is the ability to perceive and process […]

Blow, another blow! Stroke doesn’t get younger

[ad_1] According to statistics, every 2 seconds a stroke occurs in the world, and one person dies from it every 6 seconds. In Russia, only 25-30% of patients are admitted to hospitals during the golden hour. In Western Europe, 70-80% of stroke patients are admitted to clinics during this period. In Russia, more than 400 […]

Nose leaked. Where do snot come from?

[ad_1] A runny nose is a phenomenon that every person has encountered. With the arrival of the cold season, it becomes extremely relevant. But where does snot actually come from? told about this Candidate of Medical Sciences, otorhinolaryngologist of the highest category Vladimir Zaitsev. Where do secretions appear? The origin of the nasal secretion […]