A little pepper in the cold. Why spicy food is addictive

[ad_1] Is it true that spicy food is addictive and damages the taste buds, and can a person who is used to spicy food return to a regular diet? The aif.ru journalist talks about this with gastroenterologist Svetlana Domozhirova. — It is believed that spicy food is addictive and a person constantly increases the amount […]

No more squeak. Who needs to wear night guards

[ad_1] Dentists recommend brushing your teeth before bed, but for some this ritual is not enough. To maintain oral health, a night mouthguard is also added to the toothbrush. Dentist-orthopedist Raul Otkhozoria In an interview with Aif.ru, he told in what cases dental pads are used, how much it costs and how not to accidentally […]

The doctor spoke about the dangers of vasoconstrictor drops for the nose

[ad_1] Vasoconstrictive nasal drops can be addictive, so they should be used for as short a time as possible. Andrey Pozdnyakov, an infectious disease specialist, spoke about this, writes Gazeta.ru. The specialist clarified that these drops are not a remedy. They only relieve the symptoms of SARS. It is undesirable to use such drugs for […]

I am not an alcoholic! Why do people get drunk without noticing?

[ad_1] “I can’t live without champagne. When I win, I deserve it; when I lose, I need it.” Words that are attributed Winston Churchillare reminiscent of the excuses of people who drink alcohol. They do not consider themselves addicted people, let alone alcoholics. Aif.ru spoke with Gestalt therapist Andrey Inozemtsevto understand what lies behind the […]

The success of giving up bad habits in women depends on the phase of the menstrual cycle

[ad_1] Smoking is one of the most common bad habits. Nicotine itself is addictive and negatively affects health. The scientific world knows that smoking is one of the causes of oncopathologies, and if we talk about women, then bad habits affect the possibility of conception, then the development of the fetus and the course of […]