How to delay menopause and when to do it: the influence of hormones, hormone therapy

[ad_1] Menopause is known to be a difficult period in a woman’s life. At this time, a number of unpleasant symptoms occur, the emotional state can change significantly, and most importantly, health deteriorates. Hormonal changes can begin as early as age 45, but more often occur at 48-55. In the modern world, at this age, […]

body subtraction. What is the risk of anorexia?

[ad_1] Persistently and irresistibly losing weight, when there is no excess weight at all, is the main symptom of anorexia. This mental disorder, which is most common in girls from 14 to 30 years old (men rarely suffer from it), is fraught not only with serious illnesses, but also with the death of the patient. […]

Penile cancer: symptoms, diagnosis, treatment

[ad_1] Of course, men know that various insidious diseases can affect the most precious thing. Therefore, every self-respecting representative of the stronger sex has the contacts of “their” urologist-andrologist on the phone, who can and should be contacted if any unpleasant symptoms appear. But the fact that the genital organ can be affected by malignant […]

Why a vagina needs a mask: a strange recent fashion

[ad_1] No, it didn’t start out of quarantine boredom, much earlier. And this is not a joke or a prank. For the female intimate zone, they really offer special masks that refresh, moisturize, brighten. There were such, a leaflet, with slits for the eyes, for the face, and now there is … not for the […]

Something that just didn’t come to mind. Scientists have checked where deja vu comes from

[ad_1] Everyone is familiar with the state in which we feel as if we have been in a similar situation or a similar place before. This state, which is not always pleasant, lasts a few seconds and passes quickly, leaving us wondering: when could this have happened to me? Surprisingly, scientists still do not have […]

How to cure prostatitis in men?

[ad_1] Prostatitis is an extremely common inflammatory disease among men that affects the tissues of the prostate gland. In the vast majority of cases, this pathology develops under the influence of various representatives of the bacterial flora, for example, Staphylococcus aureus or Escherichia coli, but sometimes other factors can play a role. The danger of […]

Diffuse fibrocystic mastopathy: treatment and prevention

[ad_1] To date, diffuse mastopathy is the most common benign pathology of the mammary glands. The essence of this disease is a diffuse change in the structure of the mammary gland, a violation of the normal ratio of the epithelial and connective tissue components. With the right therapy, this disease has a favorable prognosis. Otherwise, […]

Hair products with growth activators: what are they?

[ad_1] Stress, diet, even the change of season — all this affects the condition of the hair. In insufficiently comfortable conditions, they not only fade and become brittle, but also fall out faster — and new ones “fall asleep” while still in the hair follicle and stop growing. Special tools — activators — help to […]

Thrush: treatment and prevention

[ad_1] Thrush (or vulvovaginal candidiasis) is a fungal disease that is accompanied by itching, burning, whitish discharge with a sour smell. Candidiasis is more common in women: this is directly related to the structural features of the genitourinary system and the composition of the vaginal microflora. Thrush, which is not treated on time, can cause […]

Symptoms of an ectopic pregnancy in the early stages

[ad_1] A normal pregnancy develops in several stages: a mature egg enters the fallopian tube during ovulation and meets with a sperm cell. The fertilized egg is pushed out by the fallopian tube into the uterus, where it is fixed and begins to gradually change, turning into a growing embryo. If the process of transferring […]