Alcohol and women’s health: 6 key facts

[ad_1] Everyone knows that alcohol harms our body. Beer, cocktails, wine, vodka, whiskey, martinis, champagne do not benefit anyone, but they affect the female body in a particularly destructive way, and even drinking moderately, the beautiful half of humanity puts their beauty and health at risk. The main insidiousness of alcoholic beverages is that they […]

Phytoestrogens: hopes and reality

[ad_1] There are many rumors and legends about phytoestrogens. The idea of ​​phytoestrogens has become one of the keys to the competition among alcohol producers. For many years now, among ordinary citizens, passions have not subsided over soy products and beer, which gives Russian machos feminine forms. MedAboutMe figured out what phytoestrogens are and is […]

Early menopause: causes of development

[ad_1] Most women perceive menopause (menopause) as the onset of old age and are waiting for its onset with a sense of fear. In fact, this is a natural physiological process, which indicates that the egg reserves in the ovaries have been depleted, and the woman can no longer perform her purely feminine function — […]

I am not an alcoholic! Why do people get drunk without noticing?

[ad_1] “I can’t live without champagne. When I win, I deserve it; when I lose, I need it.” Words that are attributed Winston Churchillare reminiscent of the excuses of people who drink alcohol. They do not consider themselves addicted people, let alone alcoholics. spoke with Gestalt therapist Andrey Inozemtsevto understand what lies behind the […]

Why is alcoholism dangerous for women?

[ad_1] Alcoholism in women is a special problem that affects not only personally those who have become a victim of an addiction that has turned into addiction, their relatives and friends, but also society as a whole. This disease is characterized by a high tolerance to alcohol, difficulty in controlling its use, and physical suffering […]

Habits that harm your beauty

[ad_1] Beauty is the concern of every woman. Each of us wants to remain attractive for as long as possible. Some of the fair sex often visit a beautician, others take care of themselves with home remedies. However, there are habits that can seriously interfere with the efforts to remain beautiful. Health: what harms it? […]

How are breast cancer, obesity, menopause, alcoholism, etc.

[ad_1] It is dangerous to be a woman, especially in old age. It is risky to have cancer in your family history. These are the most serious, but not the only prerequisites for the development of breast cancer (BC). Find out how late menopause, being overweight or obese, fatal genetic errors, alcoholism, and some other […]

Hormone deficiency: features of postmenopausal women’s health

[ad_1] Menopause is an important event in a woman’s life. In this difficult time for the beautiful half of humanity, there is a gradual extinction of the hormonal function of the body and the loss of the ability to bear children. These events are caused by a deficiency of female sex hormones — estrogens. Postmenopause: […]

Male factor infertility: temporary and permanent azoospermia

[ad_1] Azoospermia is a harsh term. It is impossible to notice the absence of spermatozoa in the ejaculate on your own: there are no symptoms with such a deviation, the volume of seminal fluid and feelings of love do not change, but it does not work out to conceive a child. In search of reasons, […]

Why do men need estrogen? The role of the female hormone in the male body

[ad_1] The main male hormone is testosterone, almost everyone who did not skip biology classes in high school knows this. And estrogen is a female hormone, and everyone knows this too. But it turns out that everything is much more complicated: both of these hormones are important and necessary for people of both sexes. And […]