Cystitis in women: features of the course of the disease and methods of therapy

[ad_1] The structure of the female urinary organs is such that cystitis develops in women much more often than in men. This is due to the structure of the urethra, in the first place: in men, it is longer and much narrower. The inlet of the urethra can receive microtrauma and irritation during intercourse, which […]

Hemorrhoids in women: causes of formation, characteristic symptoms

[ad_1] Hemorrhoids in women began to be diagnosed more and more often. But it occurs with the same frequency in men and women, regardless of age. Although hemorrhoids manifest themselves in both sexes in the same way, the causes of its occurrence are different. Predisposing factors for this disease are hidden in our lifestyle. Why […]

Anal itching in women

[ad_1] Not always anal itching becomes a reason for a visit to the doctor. Such a delicate problem can appear at any age, but most people consider it not significant and prefer to either endure the symptom or try to block it with the help of traditional medicine. This attitude towards one’s health most often […]

Distress call. What signs does the body give when cancer develops

[ad_1] It is definitely better when cancer is detected at an early stage. Sometimes it is enough to listen to the signals of your body. What so-called «red flags» cannot be ignored, told radiotherapist, candidate of medical sciences, deputy general director for scientific work of the oncological clinic Denis Romanov. Risk factors Usually, patients […]

Sexual abstinence: myths and truth

[ad_1] The attitude to the satisfaction of one of the basic instincts in society has changed many times. There were times when this sphere of human relationships was completely taboo. There was also a revolutionary “glass of water theory” for some time, the authorship of which was not attributed to anyone, from Aurora Dudevant, better […]

Inflammation of the fallopian tubes and ovaries — how to avoid complications?

[ad_1] According to statistics, inflammation of the uterine appendages in women often occurs in winter. Hypothermia, stressful conditions together can lead to a weakening of the immune system, creating conditions for the appearance of inflammatory reactions. In the vast majority (more than ninety percent) of cases, the cause of infertility in women is the presence […]

TRUS of the bladder and prostate: indications, preparation, course of the procedure

[ad_1] Transrectal ultrasound (abbreviated as TRUS) allows you to examine in detail the patient’s prostate along with adjacent structures (seminal vesicles, urethra, bladder tissues, etc.). This is an informative diagnostic method that helps in diagnosing a number of unpleasant diseases, including prostate hyperplasia (adenoma), oncology, sclerosis of the prostate and bladder neck, pathological narrowing of […]

Sexuality in the Age of Pandemic: Trends and Safety

[ad_1] The COVID-19 pandemic has led to radical changes in the world, including in the field of sexual relations between people. Nevertheless, such relationships occupy a rather important place in the life of most people. Well, do not give them up now because of the coronavirus? MedAboutMe found out how the pandemic has affected people […]

Ways of infection with gonorrhea, how does it happen?

[ad_1] Gonorrhea is a specific infectious and inflammatory disease caused by bacterial flora, occurring with damage to organs lined with cylindrical epithelium, mainly the genitourinary system. Gonorrhea is transmitted through sexual contact. Most often, this infection is diagnosed in young people who live an active sexual life. If left untreated, it can cause a number […]

Chronic cystitis in women: causes, symptoms and treatment

[ad_1] Chronic cystitis in women is a long-term inflammatory disease of the bladder. According to the statistics of the urological community, up to 25% of the fair sex aged 14 to 50 experience such a pathology. Due to the peculiarities of the structure of the urethra (short and wide urethra, its proximity to the vagina […]