10 Health and Beauty Tips for a 30-Year-Old Woman

[ad_1] Yes, yes, there are plenty of uninvited advisers everywhere, like fleas on a mongrel. And each of the women herself can, without much effort, compile a three-volume set of useful tips for all occasions. However, sometimes it doesn’t hurt to pay attention to other people’s advice. Simply because everyone’s experience is different. Perhaps some […]

Excessive intimate attraction: a gift of fate or a heavy burden

[ad_1] Youthful intimate excitability and passion As you know, young guys are characterized by excessive attraction to the opposite sex. Excessive attraction falls on the period from 17 to 25 years (age may vary). At this time, the level of testosterone in the male body is maximum, so young people are almost constantly in a […]

Menopause and heart health: how to protect yourself?

[ad_1] Statistics show that cardiovascular disease in adulthood affects men to a greater extent. Women under 50 years of age are significantly less prone to heart disease. However, with the onset of menopause, the number of heart diseases among women increases. What is it connected with? How to reduce risks? MedAboutMe will talk about it. […]

Symptoms and signs of spontaneous abortion in early pregnancy: what you need to know about miscarriage

[ad_1] Often, a woman has a miscarriage at a very early date, when she may not even be aware of her new position. In this case, it is taken for the next, more abundant and slightly out of time menstruation, and no more manifestations are detected. However, if the termination of pregnancy is already long […]

Scientists: for a wife to have a desire, a husband needs to do household chores

[ad_1] Experts at Swinburne University of Technology believe that men can improve their sex lives by taking on more responsibility for household chores. Whether it’s washing dishes or doing laundry, men are said to have a greater aversion to household chores than women. Researchers in Australia asked almost 300 women in relationships about their lives […]

Childfree. Why don’t women want to have children?

[ad_1] The concept of childfree implies a conscious desire not to have children. Looking at those who declare themselves to be supporters of this concept, one might think that some were forced into the ranks of the «free from children». This could be due to constant questions from others: “When are you planning to give […]

Postpartum Depression: Causes, Signs, Treatments

[ad_1] Many people are not even aware of the existence of such a phenomenon as postpartum depression. After all, such a significant event as the birth of a baby is always associated with joy and love. Where do oppressive states come from here? In fact, postpartum depression is a ubiquitous problem affecting most new mothers. […]

Adenomyosis in women what is it: symptoms, signs, consequences, treatment and prevention

[ad_1] Adenomyosis is a disease in which the endometrium hypertrophies and grows into the thickness of the myometrium. Such a pathological process has a benign hormone-dependent character and leads to the development of chronic inflammation. The prevalence of this pathology is quite high. At the same time, women of reproductive age most often encounter it. […]

Myths about breast health, how to maintain the beauty of the breast

[ad_1] Today, September 3, on the anniversary of the invention of the bra, MedAboutMe offers to reveal the topic of the Sigen breast, along with the myths surrounding this beautiful part of the body. The symbol of female beauty and its secrets The smooth curves of the female figure would not be so exciting if […]

How does physical activity affect the menstrual cycle?

[ad_1] The issue of physical activity during menstruation worries many girls and women. A few days before the start of a new period, as well as 3-4 days of heavy bleeding, many are associated with a deterioration in mood (the so-called PMS — premenstrual syndrome), abdominal pain and other unpleasant symptoms. Therefore, for several days, […]