How to calculate the day of ovulation and determine the ideal moment for conception?

[ad_1] Couples planning pregnancy or, on the contrary, seeking to prevent unwanted conception, try to calculate the most suitable days for fertilization in order to adjust their intimate life depending on the goals pursued. To do this, they need to know how to calculate the day of ovulation, since it determines the ideal moment for […]

«Women’s» calendar on a smartphone and contraception issues

[ad_1] Ancient paper calendars have long sunk into oblivion, but the need to monitor the menstrual cycle remains. This is something that women practically cannot change, but must control if they want to be the mistress of their own lives. Today, shabby calendars have been replaced by smartphones that are ready not only to calculate, […]

Don’t let yourself be lazy. Aging affects the active organs less

[ad_1] The average life expectancy in Russia is 77 years. But at the same time, there are people who live up to 80-90 years old, without losing either sharpness of mind or efficiency. Tells Honorary President of the Association of Gerontologists and Geriatricians of Russia, Academician Vladimir Shabalin. Lidia Yudina, Vladimir Nikolayevich, there are […]

Habits That Go Wrong: Personal Hygiene Mistakes

[ad_1] Brushing our teeth in the morning, washing our hands before eating and after going to the toilet, washing our underwear and other clothes regularly are taught in early childhood and these habits become part of our lives. However, some consciously or not make hygienic mistakes that are harmful to their health. The habit of […]

Sun pills. Who Should Take Vitamin D?

[ad_1] What is the danger of an excess of vitamin D, who is actually shown to take it, and what happens to the body in case of an overdose? told about this obstetrician-gynecologist, deputy chief physician for medical work Anastasia Zhdanova. Vitamin D plays an important role in the body. It strengthens bone tissue, […]

Abundant menstrual flow, causes, norm or disease

[ad_1] Women’s health is a very serious topic, and there can be no trifles here. One of the typical indicators of the normal functioning of the female reproductive system, gynecologists consider the features of the course of the menstrual cycle. And an important role is played not only by its regularity, but also by the […]

Top 5 Menstrual Blood Myths

[ad_1] All healthy women of reproductive age, unless they are pregnant or breastfeeding, experience monthly menstrual bleeding. The very fact that the fair sex has such days causes mixed feelings among both sexes. Considering that many women develop premenstrual syndrome before the onset of bleeding due to surges in hormones, it cannot be said that […]

Drinks for women that improve health and prolong youth

[ad_1] Everyone needs to eat right, but it is especially important for a woman to choose healthy foods in order to remain healthy and beautiful, to be able to conceive and bear a child. At the same time, drinks also play a key role in the diet. If they are chosen correctly, they will bring […]

Menopause and women’s health after 45 years

[ad_1] Ladies after 45 years of age are faced with a problem that would not bother them at all, whether they were girls or young 30-year-old women. Increasingly, from many of them you can hear the phrase: “I can’t accept that this is coming”, “how to survive this period”. This period is called menopause and […]

Ectopic pregnancy: when do you need a doctor’s appointment?

[ad_1] In an ectopic pregnancy, the embryo develops outside the uterus. Such a pathology can end with a rupture of the fallopian tube and even lead to death. Unlike the uterus, which can increase in size as the fetus grows, the fallopian tubes cannot expand. Since an ectopic pregnancy can seriously threaten a woman’s health […]