Classification and treatment of infections of the female reproductive system

[ad_1] Infections of the female reproductive system are a sudden nuisance that many are familiar with firsthand. What are the reasons for their occurrence? Is sexual contact always the mode of transmission? What sexual infections are incurable and are there ways to avoid them? How to understand the intricacies and variety of types of infectious […]

How to save a child with a threatened miscarriage

[ad_1] In some cases, pregnancy is complicated by the development of isthmic-cervical insufficiency (ICN). This nosology is a condition that threatens the successful continuation of pregnancy, namely, the threat of abortion. We will tell you how to prevent this complication and what to do if it has already arisen. What is isthmic-cervical insufficiency? So doctors […]

Cavernitis: how does this inflammation proceed?

[ad_1] An inflammatory disease that affects the cavernous bodies of the penis is called cavernitis. Such a pathological process can have an acute or chronic course. In acute inflammation, there are extremely pronounced clinical manifestations, including general intoxication syndrome, intense pain, inguinal lymphadenitis, and some other symptoms. The chronic form is characterized by much more […]

Infertility as a result of malformations and other diseases

[ad_1] Many young couples plan pregnancy while trying to have a baby. But the cherished stripes on the test do not appear either after a year or two, and for some even after five or more years. The reason for this is infertility, which develops in a young woman for various reasons. Often it is […]

Get old ahead of time. What cosmetic procedures are dangerous for young people

[ad_1] If earlier girls aged 25+ fought for beauty with the help of patches, masks and simple procedures in the beautician’s office, today they are ready to use aggressive peels, Botox, threads and other “heavy artillery”. What not to do with your face if you have young skin, says cosmetologist, plastic surgeon Nadezhda Petrash. Young […]

Mastitis: causes and prevention

[ad_1] Mastitis is one of the most common inflammatory diseases. Its essence lies in the development of infectious inflammation in the tissues of the mammary gland, which tends to spread and can cause purulent destruction directly both in the gland itself and in the tissues surrounding it. Most often, mastitis develops in women in the […]

The role of dysplasia in women’s health

[ad_1] Dysplasia is an atypical degeneration of epithelial cells, which can later lead to the onset of a malignant process. Most often, speaking of this disease, we mean the defeat of the vaginal part of the cervix. The main danger of this condition is that in most cases there are no independent symptoms, which makes […]

The mechanism of development of mastopathy

[ad_1] Mastopathy is a disease in which foci of compaction of various sizes form in the mammary gland. This pathology has a benign course and is characterized by excessive growth of glandular and connective tissue. As a rule, this pathological process is not prone to malignancy, but there is still a small risk. Mastopathy is […]

Endometriosis and its clinical manifestations

[ad_1] One of the most common gynecological diseases, characterized by hyperplasia of the glandular tissue of the uterus, is called endometriosis. This pathology refers to hormone-dependent conditions and, in the absence of the necessary treatment, can cause female infertility. According to statistics, approximately twenty percent of women on the entire planet suffer from endometriosis. At […]

Causes of menstrual migraine development, symptoms and prevention

[ad_1] The female “I have a headache today” can be a symptom of a real disease, and not just an excuse as an evasion of any obligations or a topic for another joke. And there is a medical explanation for this: migraine suffers mostly from the female population of the planet, and a headache that […]