The moon and women’s health: a mysterious connection or a game of hormones?

[ad_1] Since ancient times, the Sun was considered masculine, and the Moon patronized women. The lunar month corresponds in duration to the female menstrual cycle and is 28–29 days. A woman carries a child for 10 lunar months. It is noticed that in a healthy woman, the peak of her intimate desire and the maximum […]

Anal itching in women

[ad_1] Not always anal itching becomes a reason for a visit to the doctor. Such a delicate problem can appear at any age, but most people consider it not significant and prefer to either endure the symptom or try to block it with the help of traditional medicine. This attitude towards one’s health most often […]

All about female nipples

[ad_1] The female breast is a very interesting part of the body. Moreover, both the women themselves and the representatives of the stronger sex will agree with this. Women’s breasts are admired, admired, taken care of. And it is not surprising — after all, it is she who gives the newborn person the very first […]

Menopause in women: causes and manifestations

[ad_1] Menopause is a harbinger of adulthood, and in connection with this, a large number of women have a number of questions about their health. The most common of them: how to avoid sudden hot flashes, jumps in blood pressure, headaches, frequent mood swings, insomnia? What is menopause and how to facilitate its course? The […]

Endometrial polyp: causes, mechanism of development, manifestations and methods of treatment

[ad_1] Excessive uneven growth of the endometrium causes the appearance of polyps in the uterus. An endometrial polyp is an uneven thickening (outgrowth) of the uterine mucosa. Polyp: MedAboutMe talks about what are the risk factors for developing polyps and what treatment to choose. What is endometrium? The endometrium is the layer that lines the […]

Female infertility: the mechanism of development and manifestation of the disease

[ad_1] Infertility is a disease that brings unhappiness to families and can destroy the strongest marriage. What are the causes of infertility and how to deal with it? Is there any chance of becoming parents with such a diagnosis? Of course there is. Modern medicine offers effective ways to treat infertility. Causes of infertility in […]

Attraction after childbirth: even more pleasure

[ad_1] Attending courses to prepare for pregnancy, as well as performing a set of special exercises before childbirth, will reduce the risk of excessive tissue overstretching during childbirth, the appearance of tears. That is why timely preparation is the most effective way to quickly recover and return to a full sexual life. Pregnancy is a […]

Postpartum depression: 10 ways to fight and prevent

[ad_1] The onset and development of postpartum depression is influenced by both biological and emotional factors. The levels of estrogen and progesterone in the body fluctuate dramatically after childbirth. These hormones are associated with neurotransmitters that affect a person’s mood. Usually depression occurs in the period from a week to a month after childbirth. Its […]

How to plan a pregnancy with erosion and ectopia of the cervix

[ad_1] Among gynecological diseases, erosion in the cervical region is one of the most common. Many women who are planning a pregnancy go to the doctor with this problem, worried about the impact it can have on conception, gestation, and subsequent births. No less relevant is the question of whether it is necessary to remove […]

Rospotrebnadzor refused to introduce additional measures due to monkeypox

[ad_1] There is no need to introduce additional anti-epidemic measures in Russia to prevent an outbreak of monkeypox, TASS reports with reference to the press service of Rospotrebnadzor. Thus, the department responded to the WHO statement on the continuation of the international health emergency in connection with the outbreak. Rospotrebnadzor explained that after the first […]