Dangerous wardrobe: clothes that are harmful to women’s health

[ad_1] For many women, the fact that a number of wardrobe items can be harmful to their health becomes a real discovery. Scientists have done a lot of research on this topic. Here are 8 items of women’s clothing and shoes that can lead to various health problems. 1. Thong There are intense discussions about […]

Corset against hernia. Therapeutic exercises can help relieve back pain

[ad_1] A herniated disc is a fairly common occurrence in people of all ages. Simple exercises help to prevent a painful attack and restrain the development of a hernia. “The goal of physical therapy for hernias is to maintain the tone of the back muscles,” says neurologist of the network of clinics Igor Matsokin. – […]

Would Barbie be able to live, eat and have fun if she were a living girl?

[ad_1] Just the other day, Barbie doll celebrated her 59th birthday. The beauty of retirement age still confidently occupies a place in children’s hearts. And not only in children. Accustomed from childhood to see the slender forms of a toy, in which everything is fine in life, there are outfits, a guy, a house and […]