Experts called the midlife crisis a harsh reality

[ad_1] Researchers at the National Bureau of Economic Research have confirmed a midlife crisis with a peak age of 45. An international team of scientists compared data from thousands of people in countries such as the UK, US and Australia. They point out that work stress peaks around age 45, when people feel “overwhelmed at […]

Harbingers of menopause as signs of health problems

[ad_1] Hot flashes, irregular menstrual bleeding, loss of libido and some other symptoms are common changes that occur in the body of mature women in the years leading up to menopause. Although none of them are pleasant, all of these signs of perimenopause are considered to be quite common. And, indeed, it is so in […]

Egg and sperm donation: how to make money on your germ cells?

[ad_1] Everything in the world is bought and sold. Especially if it is something in itself reproduced naturally. Like sperm and eggs, for example. It would seem that what prevents you from bargaining with your own components of the body, especially in a crisis? You don’t sell a kidney, one of two, but a few […]

Premenstrual syndrome: the role of stress, disease and hormones

[ad_1] Premenstrual syndrome (PMS for short) is a physically or psychophysically uncomfortable condition that occurs during the second phase of the menstrual cycle. Usually it is manifested by a set of unpleasant symptoms on the part of the body, combined with weakness, mood and emotional tone disorders, up to a neurotic state. It largely depends […]

Symptoms and treatment of mastopathy

[ad_1] Mastopathy is the most common disease of the mammary glands. Basically, the pathology is observed in women from 30 to 50 years old and does not cause much concern, since it is benign. Many ladies do not pay attention to her for years, despite the discomfort and pain in the chest on the eve […]

Crisis management for moms. How to learn to trust and delegate

[ad_1] “I hated the burden of Mondays because I felt like every decision was reset. All of a sudden, no one in my family could tell the difference between top and bottom, breakfast from dinner, or what proper school clothes looked like.” (Kendra Adachi, The Lazy Genius Mom) If you are a mom, then you […]

«He’s gone, but he’ll be back.» Psychologist’s advice to the wives of the mobilized

[ad_1] Stress is experienced not only by the individual, but also by society. The processes that are going on now are so global, and the information flows associated with the special operation and partial mobilization are so powerful that they affect everyone. Even those who think it doesn’t concern them. Thinks so Associate Professor of […]