Juvenile bleeding: how to take care of the health of daughters

[ad_1] Juvenile bleeding is called pathological bleeding from the genital tract, due to a violation of the normal monthly detachment of the endometrium. This process is associated with failures in the hypothalamus-pituitary-ovaries system. Juvenile bleeding has another name — uterine bleeding during puberty. They occur during the puberty of a girl and can manifest themselves […]

The story of the first period: how to tell a girl about menstruation

[ad_1] Being a mother of a girl is difficult in its own way, especially when it comes time to talk about it. Transitional age is a special state of the girl, she understands that certain changes are taking place with her body that can upset and even frighten her. A special shock can be the […]

Body care products for a girl during menstruation: how to choose

[ad_1] As the daughter grows older, her mother has more and more worries. By the time the girl gets her first period, she should be able to independently and properly care for her body. Of particular importance is the full care of the intimate area, since, as the menstrual cycle is established throughout the period, […]

Little known facts about the female body

[ad_1] Everyone knows that the female body is quite different from the male one, but many do not even know about some features of the female body. Why do the fair sex cry more often, get drunk faster and perceive pain more strongly? We list interesting and little-known facts about the female body: 1. The […]

Causes of endometriosis: the role of hormones and immunity in its development

[ad_1] In the structure of gynecological pathology, endometriosis occupies one of the leading places. About 10% of all disorders of the reproductive female sphere are associated with this pathology. With this disease, the endometrium, the inner layer of the uterus, grows beyond its normal localization. The exact causes of the disease have not yet been […]

How to deal with pain during menstruation: advice from gynecologists

[ad_1] Pain during menstruation is familiar to many women. Many people are simply convinced that there is no other way. Despite raging hormones, mood swings, and even increased irritability, menstrual pain is not the norm. Gynecologists call this condition — algomenorrhea, and cyclically recurring painful menstruation — dysmenorrhea. How to cope with pain when there […]

Cervical cancer and vaccination: what’s the connection?

[ad_1] April 7th is World Health Day. It is a convention of the World Health Organization every year for a week after this day to hold advocacy events on a chosen topic. We decided not to break the tradition and talk about the prevention of a terrible disease that claims many lives every day. It […]

Uterine fibroids: popular myths, possible symptoms of the disease

[ad_1] One of the most common diseases in practical gynecology is uterine fibroids. More than eighty-five percent of women by the age of forty-five have small nodules in the uterus called fibroids. What is uterine fibroids? Myoma is a benign tumor located in the uterine cavity. Depending on the tissue that makes up the fibroid […]

Answers to common questions about women’s diseases

[ad_1] Can signs of a gynecological disease be inherited? Will a condom help protect against infection? Is it possible to catch infectious diseases in a public toilet? Today about it from MedAboutMe. Women’s diseases: is candidiasis sexually transmitted? Thrush (another name is candidiasis) is a fungal infection caused by yeast fungi from the genus Candida. […]

Important Women’s Health Information to Share with Daughters

[ad_1] The girl is growing up. Her forms are becoming more feminine, the perception of oneself is changing, and awareness of one’s role in life is being formed. There are usually many more questions than answers, and in fact the correct information can sometimes have an impact on the rest of your life. With whom […]