Deadly SARS. What kind of virus is killing children in the US and do we have it?

[ad_1] In the United States, pediatric hospitals have been overwhelmed for two weeks now. The reason is one of SARS: respiratory syncytial infection (RS infection). Mostly children under 2 years of age are affected. The number of deaths has exceeded a hundred. The infection can be similar to the common cold, but it can also […]

Deadly haircut. How not to get a stroke after a visit to a beauty salon

[ad_1] It turns out that a regular trip to the hairdresser can cause serious health problems called «beauty salon syndrome.» In the worst case, you can even die from it. Who is at risk of this attack and how to avoid it? Such a syndrome recently overtook a 50-year-old resident of India. The woman decided […]

Cold water therapy: attitude at home and abroad

[ad_1] Winter swimming, hardening with cold water, dipping into an ice hole after a steam room — for our country, all this does not seem strange or illogical. Well, not everyone does this. But certainly no one is surprised to see vigorous healthy men swimming in rivers and lakes in winter or late autumn. But […]

Gynecological myths about menopause and polyps

[ad_1] Many women do not have objective information regarding their health, which is why they may believe various ridiculous statements and myths regarding uterine fibroids, infertility, the development of endometrial cysts or polyps. They are terrified of the menopause, in which, in their opinion, serious problems will develop. However, in reality, everything is not as […]

9 men’s problems: what men are silent about

[ad_1] Ah, men! Your bodies are so different from women’s, mysterious and beautiful, and yet they are no less mysterious and beautiful. But the male body has its own unique problems. MedAboutMe will reveal secrets that men don’t like to talk about. Prostatitis Women do not understand what it means to once feel a problem […]

Sexual abstinence: myths and truth

[ad_1] The attitude to the satisfaction of one of the basic instincts in society has changed many times. There were times when this sphere of human relationships was completely taboo. There was also a revolutionary “glass of water theory” for some time, the authorship of which was not attributed to anyone, from Aurora Dudevant, better […]

What are the causes of chest pain?

[ad_1] Chest pain is a multifactorial symptom. It can be both a harbinger of a deadly condition, and be the result of not the most terrible health problems that are easily treated. Cardiologist German Gandelman on the air of the program «Live healthy!» He said that in the sternum there are several organs — the […]

What and how do Russian men and women get sick?

[ad_1] We always want justice and equality. Although the very nature of equality is not assumed: after all, the organisms of men and women are arranged differently. And it’s not just about the width of the shoulders or hips, the presence of a seductive breast in a woman or the male genital organ that proudly […]

Gynecologist’s advice: infection prevention, contraception, pregnancy planning

[ad_1] Usually, women often visit a gynecologist during pregnancy planning or during gestation, and the rest of the time they think that if there are no complaints, you can not go to the doctor. This is a wrong opinion, since regular visits to a specialist are necessary for the prevention of various pathologies and infections, […]

Unfounded fears about the disease: 11 misconceptions about breast cancer

[ad_1] According to WHO, breast cancer is one of the leading cancers in women. Every year hundreds of thousands of people die from this dangerous disease in the world. But in recent years, the development of medicine has significantly reduced the number of deaths. At the same time, it is very important to make a […]