S.S. Konovalov «Women’s Diseases»: for whom was this book written?

[ad_1] Recently, a lot of specialized medical portals and online forums have appeared on the Internet, where you can: get professional advice from highly specialized doctors (free of charge); exchange opinions about the clinic or specialist with other patients; compare proposed treatment regimens; learn more about new drugs for the treatment of a particular disease […]

How breastfeeding affects the mother’s hormones, and which hormones are responsible for lactation

[ad_1] What happens in the hormonal status of a mother when she breastfeeds her baby? What changes occur in her endocrine system under the influence of lactation? Breastfeeding and maternal hormones Pregnancy and childbirth, the possibility of lactation are provided by the hormonal system of the mother. Therefore, breastfeeding and the hormonal background of the […]

Excessive intimate attraction: a gift of fate or a heavy burden

[ad_1] Youthful intimate excitability and passion As you know, young guys are characterized by excessive attraction to the opposite sex. Excessive attraction falls on the period from 17 to 25 years (age may vary). At this time, the level of testosterone in the male body is maximum, so young people are almost constantly in a […]

Demand for vasectomy among young people is growing in the US

[ad_1] After the decision of the US Supreme Court to remove the right to abortion, the number of requests for vasectomy among young Americans has increased dramatically. Urologists have reported that more men are seeking the procedure to prevent pregnancy and avoid problems associated with abortion. Doug Stein, MD, a urologist and vasectomy advocate, said […]

Deadly haircut. How not to get a stroke after a visit to a beauty salon

[ad_1] It turns out that a regular trip to the hairdresser can cause serious health problems called «beauty salon syndrome.» In the worst case, you can even die from it. Who is at risk of this attack and how to avoid it? Such a syndrome recently overtook a 50-year-old resident of India. The woman decided […]

Pathological menopause: is it possible to cope without drugs?

[ad_1] The period of extinction of reproductive function, or menopause, is a special time in a woman’s life. On the one hand, the children have already grown up, got on their feet, and there is time for self-care, travel and hobbies. But on the other hand, health fails more and more often, and the body […]

Don’t go crazy. How to live in a world of bad news, social networks and fakes

[ad_1] The news has not been encouraging at all lately, but few people can afford the «luxury» to completely abandon them. Even if you don’t watch TV, the information will «catch up» with you on social media. How to stay calm and not become a victim of doomscrolling, tells psychologist Olga Romaniv. 1. Have days […]

Jeans and their health risks

[ad_1] Jeans are an essential item in the wardrobe of every modern man. They are worn by women and men of all ages. They are no less in demand among children. Moreover, many parents are in a hurry to put on fashionable outfits for their baby almost from the age of one. But few people […]

In terms of complexity — like a satellite. Our scientists presented a new MRI machine

[ad_1] at the Physical Institute. PN Lebedeva (FIAN) showed what science can really do for import substitution. They presented the first Russian MRI unit, which is already ready for production, and talked about a unique breakthrough technology that will significantly reduce the cost of tomographs and simplify their maintenance. Efforts not in vain When in […]

Commercial diagnoses: common gynecological «diseases»

[ad_1] Misdiagnosis in the understanding of the patient is almost a disaster. To treat one disease in the presence of another is very unpleasant, and detrimental to health. In general, we perceive erroneous diagnoses as a result of a real error of a specialist: against the background of a fuzzy clinical picture or inexperience of […]