Scientists: tea drinkers have more sperm

[ad_1] Researchers at Hubei University in Wuhan concluded that drinking tea can improve male reproductive health. The study suggests that men who prefer tea may be more likely to conceive. Scientists recruited 1385 people, each of whom provided 4 samples of seminal fluid during the year. All participants were healthy and tested as potential sperm […]

Why is alcoholism dangerous for women?

[ad_1] Alcoholism in women is a special problem that affects not only personally those who have become a victim of an addiction that has turned into addiction, their relatives and friends, but also society as a whole. This disease is characterized by a high tolerance to alcohol, difficulty in controlling its use, and physical suffering […]

How to Improve Sperm: 11 Ways to Increase Sperm Count

[ad_1] How to increase the sperm count to increase the chances of conception? Fertility problems associated with the female reproductive system are often difficult to treat, but many of the problems associated with male infertility respond well to changes in health and lifestyle habits. For example, quitting smoking can increase sperm count within 3 months. […]

Is sweet bad? Unobvious dangers to teeth

[ad_1] Since childhood, we know that we should brush our teeth twice a day, avoid sweets, and go to the dentist when nothing hurts. However, not everyone follows these recommendations, and besides, many do not know about other, not the most obvious dangers to our teeth. told about them orthodontist, candidate of medical sciences […]

Heals the heart. Coffee has been found to increase life expectancy

[ad_1] Coffee continues to surprise. A huge study has shown that it increases life expectancy and protects the heart from diseases, including heart rhythm disturbances. Many find this hard to believe. After all, several generations of people have grown up with the belief that coffee is bad for the heart, that it increases blood pressure, […]