Women’s health: how to enlarge breasts without surgery

[ad_1] A rare girl, whom nature did not reward with at least a third breast size, never thought about increasing it. The most reliable way to do this is to give the amount with a decent number of zeros to a plastic surgeon and go under the knife, but not everyone agrees to have surgery […]

Women’s Health: 10 Breast Lump Myths

[ad_1] Misconception 1. A lump in the mammary gland is a clear sign of a cancerous tumor. According to statistics, in 80% of cases, a lump in the breast is not evidence of developing cancer. Most often, studies reveal mastopathy, cyst or fibroadenoma — a benign neoplasm. Misconception 2. Women with small breasts have a […]

Irregular periods: main causes and risks

[ad_1] It is not for nothing that many nations compare a woman with the moon. Either it happened by chance, or those who claim that it is not without reason that the usual cycle of egg maturation corresponds to the lunar month — 28 days are right. Some discrepancy happens quite often, and this, as […]

Corset against hernia. Therapeutic exercises can help relieve back pain

[ad_1] A herniated disc is a fairly common occurrence in people of all ages. Simple exercises help to prevent a painful attack and restrain the development of a hernia. “The goal of physical therapy for hernias is to maintain the tone of the back muscles,” says neurologist of the network of clinics Igor Matsokin. – […]

How to get rid of stress in 3 minutes? A set of exercises from Bruce Lee

[ad_1] “Calm down”, “pull yourself together” — how many times have we heard such advice! We tell you how to do it right. “Exercise is one of the easiest ways to deal with stress,” says neuropsychologist, head of the medical and practical center «Dom» Svetlana Shishkova. Any physical activity will help you calm down. In […]

Right to left. Do I need to retrain the left-hander

[ad_1] In the USSR, all left-handed children were forced to hold the pen as it should be — in the right hand. Later it turned out that this does much more harm than good. But it is still necessary to pay special attention to the left-hander. Our expert — neurologist, head of the department of […]

Myths about breast health, how to maintain the beauty of the breast

[ad_1] Today, September 3, on the anniversary of the invention of the bra, MedAboutMe offers to reveal the topic of the Sigen breast, along with the myths surrounding this beautiful part of the body. The symbol of female beauty and its secrets The smooth curves of the female figure would not be so exciting if […]

All diseases are from the nerves. Is it possible to get sick from «bad» thoughts

[ad_1] The concept of «psychosomatics» has become very popular today. This is a branch of medicine and psychology that studies how our emotions affect physical health. Many consider psychosomatics almost the root of all troubles and the cause of diseases. This is true and not true at the same time. Our expert — psychotherapist Eva […]

What prevention of iodine deficiency does a person need?

[ad_1] As noted in Rospotrebnadzor, Russia ranks third in the list of countries where iodine deficiency is recorded. Moreover, the problem is considered relevant in each region. Such an important trace element enters the body with food, and it is found in both plant and animal products. Scarcity problems According to the standards, the daily […]

What questions should you ask your doctor before and after a mammogram?

[ad_1] Going to a mammologist for many women causes great anxiety: no one wants to hear a terrible diagnosis about the development of oncology or another dangerous disease. But this procedure is necessary for all the fair sex after 40 years. It is at this age that hormonal changes begin in the female body, and […]