Excessive intimate attraction: a gift of fate or a heavy burden

[ad_1] Youthful intimate excitability and passion As you know, young guys are characterized by excessive attraction to the opposite sex. Excessive attraction falls on the period from 17 to 25 years (age may vary). At this time, the level of testosterone in the male body is maximum, so young people are almost constantly in a […]

What is the danger of intrauterine synechia for women

[ad_1] The honeymoon trip is a thing of the past. Young spouses are working hard to conceive a baby. However, the desired pregnancy does not occur. The woman herself notices that the monthly periods have become scarce, sometimes they do not occur at all. What is the reason? There are many of them, but one […]

Men’s mistakes about their own health: 6 false statements

[ad_1] A lot of men are walking paradoxes. Perhaps they get sick less often, but they burn out faster when they get sick. And yet they do not rush to the doctors. These are people with an iron psyche, but they are incredibly vulnerable — do not say a word to them. They often see […]

Rejecting others. How to help patients after transplantation

[ad_1] Treatment of oncohematological diseases is a complex and expensive matter. A radical method of treatment is bone marrow transplantation (BMT). This method is used to treat the most aggressive forms of tumor diseases of the blood system. The number of transfers is growing About 100,000 transplants are performed in the world per year, and […]