Early menopause in women: symptoms and prevention

[ad_1] What does early menopause look like: main symptoms Menstruation comes with a delay, being late at first for a week, and then for months. Hormone tests show low levels of estradiol, and high LH and FSH. Unable to conceive a child due to fading ovarian function and lack of ovulation, as a result. Women […]

Medical abortion: how it is done, what are the indications and contraindications

[ad_1] Medical abortion is the safest surgical intervention to terminate an unwanted pregnancy at an early stage. This fact is confirmed by the World Health Organization. This option of abortion is more suitable for adolescent girls, since the risk of complications (infertility and the appearance of infectious diseases) is minimal compared to surgery. Another advantage […]

How Estrogens Affect the Brain: Gender Features

[ad_1] Men love to make fun of the peculiarities of women’s memory. Yes, and women themselves at certain periods of their lives complain of absent-mindedness, forgetfulness, and even «stupidity.» Where does this opinion about women’s memory come from? It’s all about sex hormones. MedAboutMe looked into how estrogens affect women’s memory. What are estrogens? Estrogens […]

Women’s heart and menopause: sad changes

[ad_1] The body of a woman undergoes a number of serious changes during the transition to menopause. Not surprisingly, they also affect heart health. MedAboutMe found out what to look out for in order to keep your heart healthy for as long as possible. Heart disease in men and women Statistics show that women are […]

Scientists: 50-year-old men are actually 4 years older

[ad_1] Scientists from the University of Jyväskylä in Finland have found that 50-year-old men are, on average, 4 years older than women, based on biological age. They compared the chronological and biological measures of body age in thousands of people using tests that assess aging by subtle DNA markers. The difference between the sexes began […]

Thrush: manifestations of infection, localization of inflammation

[ad_1] Candidiasis is one of the most common of all fungal infections. From thrush, as patients call candidiasis, women and children are more likely to suffer. In men, it occurs with a sharp weakening of the immune system or has the form of carriage. Manifestations can be both on the skin or mucous membranes, and […]

The hormone progesterone: where is it secreted, why is it needed, progesterone norms

[ad_1] Hormonal regulation plays a key role in the life of every person, regardless of gender. Under the action of hormones, metabolism is regulated, reproductive function is carried out. Failures in the production of hormones or a violation of the recognition of these biological agents by cell receptors cause the development of various kinds of […]

Top 5 exercises recommended by gynecologists

[ad_1] Looking at the visitors of gyms and fitness clubs, you can see that women and men attend classes in almost equal proportions. And strength training in the gym is no exception. When drawing up a training program, an experienced instructor takes into account several fundamental factors at once: the state of health at the […]

Withstand pressure. When can you suspect hypertension?

[ad_1] Blood pressure is a point of assessing human health, which has recently been given special attention. Indeed, a huge number of people on earth have such a disease as arterial hypertension, it is also hypertension, that is, high blood pressure. Its danger is often underestimated. But it’s not for nothing that she is called […]

Menopause and osteoporosis: causes and features of development

[ad_1] Quiet and inconspicuous, osteoporosis is slowly but surely gaining the top lines in the ranking of diseases that lead to disability. It creeps up imperceptibly, and when the problem declares itself, there is no longer any talk of a complete cure, and especially if a person has menopause. Characteristics of osteoporosis The disease is […]