The moon and women’s health: a mysterious connection or a game of hormones?

[ad_1] Since ancient times, the Sun was considered masculine, and the Moon patronized women. The lunar month corresponds in duration to the female menstrual cycle and is 28–29 days. A woman carries a child for 10 lunar months. It is noticed that in a healthy woman, the peak of her intimate desire and the maximum […]

How to survive the menopause and cope with its manifestations

[ad_1] During menopause, a woman’s life inevitably changes. With the right attitude to age-related changes, it is much easier for a woman to endure a cardinal restructuring in the body. Proper nutrition, sufficient physical activity, the absence of extra pounds and a sparing daily routine will not get rid of the unpleasant symptoms of menopause, […]

Scientists: Cannabis use by men affects two generations

[ad_1] A new Duke University study explores how cannabis use among men may have an inherited effect on male fertility. Earlier studies have shown how hereditary epigenetic changes occur after toxic exposure to various substances. Cannabis use during pregnancy has been associated with neurodevelopmental, musculoskeletal, and cardiovascular problems in children. Earlier studies have shown changes […]

The story of the first period: how to tell a girl about menstruation

[ad_1] Being a mother of a girl is difficult in its own way, especially when it comes time to talk about it. Transitional age is a special state of the girl, she understands that certain changes are taking place with her body that can upset and even frighten her. A special shock can be the […]

Mastopathy developing in a diffuse form

[ad_1] Mastopathy is a pathological process that has a benign course. It is characterized by morphological changes in the structure of the mammary gland, which are based on a violation of the ratio between epithelial and connective tissue components. Clinically, this disease is manifested by the formation of compaction foci of various sizes inside the […]

Fibromas of the skin, uterus or lung tissue: why are they dangerous?

[ad_1] Often, when tumor elements are detected on the skin or found in internal organs, a diagnosis of fibroma is made. This is a benign tissue growth, consisting of specific connective tissue cells — a mature, adult type. With skin localization of elements, fibroma usually forms in the thickness of the dermis, under the epidermis. […]

Heals the heart. Coffee has been found to increase life expectancy

[ad_1] Coffee continues to surprise. A huge study has shown that it increases life expectancy and protects the heart from diseases, including heart rhythm disturbances. Many find this hard to believe. After all, several generations of people have grown up with the belief that coffee is bad for the heart, that it increases blood pressure, […]

The father’s genes determine the sex of the child: it all depends on the father’s heredity

[ad_1] An ax under the pillow and various poses that «guarante» a boy — well, or a girl — all these tricks for choosing the sex of the unborn child turn out to be useless when scientists begin to deal with the issue. And although there is already a method of conception with a 100% […]