Excessive intimate attraction: a gift of fate or a heavy burden

[ad_1] Youthful intimate excitability and passion As you know, young guys are characterized by excessive attraction to the opposite sex. Excessive attraction falls on the period from 17 to 25 years (age may vary). At this time, the level of testosterone in the male body is maximum, so young people are almost constantly in a […]

Effective ways to deal with the manifestations of menopause

[ad_1] Menopause is the fading of the reproductive abilities of the female body. For some, it is early, that is, after forty years, and for some, menstruation ends only after fifty-five, meaning the onset of the so-called late menopause. But, regardless of the age at which these not entirely pleasant changes begin, at the beginning […]

Don’t let yourself be lazy. Aging affects the active organs less

[ad_1] The average life expectancy in Russia is 77 years. But at the same time, there are people who live up to 80-90 years old, without losing either sharpness of mind or efficiency. Tells Honorary President of the Association of Gerontologists and Geriatricians of Russia, Academician Vladimir Shabalin. Lidia Yudina, aif.ru: Vladimir Nikolayevich, there are […]

What behavioral habits of fairy-tale heroines are worthy of emulation?

[ad_1] There are probably not so many people in the world who have never liked fairy tales. And try to re-read some of them now, and try to look at fairy-tale heroines from the point of view of your own experience. Surely they have something to learn. In addition, many of the characters loved since […]