Prevention of miscarriage during pregnancy: is it possible to avoid early loss?

[ad_1] If a long-awaited and desired pregnancy «spontaneously» terminates early, this can seriously upset a woman. In some cases, nature stops the further development of pregnancy, as a result of which a sick or even non-viable child could be born. This can be caused by both one-time adverse factors such as an infectious disease, and […]

Itching in the groin in women

[ad_1] Itching is a subjectively unpleasant sensation that occurs in response to irritation of the skin or mucous membranes. For the sensation of itching, special sensitive endings of nerve cells that perceive pathological impulses are responsible. Previously, it was believed that itching appears as a result of irritation of pain receptors. However, according to researchers […]

Papillomas in women, what are the features?

[ad_1] Papilloma on the skin of a woman is usually the result of infection with a virus. Today, many women have heard about this virus, which can threaten cervical cancer, and a vaccine has even been developed for it, around which there is a lot of controversy. Papilloma can develop at any age, both among […]

Prominent body part: 10 facts about breasts

[ad_1] Perhaps not all men will agree, but the main purpose of the female breast is to feed the child. What can not be said about the male breast, which is not adapted for lactation. This part of the human body hides many secrets and curious features. Let’s talk about some of them. 1. There […]

Gynecological problems of early age: what you need to know about the diseases of little girls

[ad_1] All mothers know that a visit to a gynecologist for a woman is an important and regular procedure that allows you to maintain health, but when it comes to a pediatric gynecologist and visiting him for preventive purposes or in case of complaints, parents are always worried about this. Can girls really have gynecological […]

Thrush: manifestations of infection, localization of inflammation

[ad_1] Candidiasis is one of the most common of all fungal infections. From thrush, as patients call candidiasis, women and children are more likely to suffer. In men, it occurs with a sharp weakening of the immune system or has the form of carriage. Manifestations can be both on the skin or mucous membranes, and […]

Itching in the groin: looking for the cause

[ad_1] Itching is always a cause of discomfort, but such symptoms in the intimate area completely cause panic and serious concerns. The first thought that comes to mind is sexually transmitted infections. Such symptoms almost always make you suspect a partner of treason or recall your own recent adventures. Itching in the intimate area can […]

Harbingers of menopause as signs of health problems

[ad_1] Hot flashes, irregular menstrual bleeding, loss of libido and some other symptoms are common changes that occur in the body of mature women in the years leading up to menopause. Although none of them are pleasant, all of these signs of perimenopause are considered to be quite common. And, indeed, it is so in […]

Cancer of the uterus and appendages: early symptoms

[ad_1] Tumor processes in the female genital area, such as cervical cancer, today have become quite an urgent problem for many women, even at a fairly young age. Therefore, the main task of modern oncology at this stage is the timely diagnosis of the disease with its early and complete cure. It is important to […]

Pain and bleeding as symptoms of gynecological pathologies: diseases, treatment

[ad_1] If a young woman has pain in her side, localized in the lower abdomen, this is often a symptom of various gynecological pathologies. This is how inflammation of the ovaries sometimes manifests itself, one- or two-sided, as well as torsion or rupture of a cyst in the ovary. There may be a sharp pain […]