Minimum pills: how guaranteed is contraception and are they safe for health

[ad_1] Unlike combined oral contraceptives (COCs), which contain two types of hormones (estrogen and progestin), mini-pills, or “minimum pills”, contain only one, progestin, and even then in small doses — only 300-500 mcg. It is this feature that provides them with a soft action and a certain versatility. Mechanism of action Taking combined drugs blocks […]

Don’t go crazy. How to live in a world of bad news, social networks and fakes

[ad_1] The news has not been encouraging at all lately, but few people can afford the «luxury» to completely abandon them. Even if you don’t watch TV, the information will «catch up» with you on social media. How to stay calm and not become a victim of doomscrolling, tells psychologist Olga Romaniv. 1. Have days […]

Soft spot disease. How to protect yourself from colon cancer

[ad_1] Intestinal diseases often do not immediately make themselves felt. In addition, people are embarrassed to go to the doctor with such problems. And very in vain. On the Day of the Coloproctologist, which is celebrated on October 26, told about these diseases and how to prevent them Director of the A.N. Ryzhykh National […]

Climax and cryotherapy

[ad_1] Every person faces age-related problems, and a woman, even if she is practically healthy, over the age of 45-50, will sooner or later feel what menopause or menopause is. Climax: how to solve the problem? But how to be? Endure a few years or take medication? Are there other ways to prevent menopause symptoms? […]

Circumcision: traditions and medicine. Why is an operation performed on an important part of the male body?

[ad_1] Circumcision is one of the oldest human surgical operations. What is this procedure, why is it performed today? Answers in the MedAboutMe article. Cut off excess? The human body may not be cut and sewn in the best and most rational way, but there is still nothing superfluous in it. This also applies to […]

Hair products with growth activators: what are they?

[ad_1] Stress, diet, even the change of season — all this affects the condition of the hair. In insufficiently comfortable conditions, they not only fade and become brittle, but also fall out faster — and new ones “fall asleep” while still in the hair follicle and stop growing. Special tools — activators — help to […]