Dangerous wardrobe: clothes that are harmful to women’s health

[ad_1] For many women, the fact that a number of wardrobe items can be harmful to their health becomes a real discovery. Scientists have done a lot of research on this topic. Here are 8 items of women’s clothing and shoes that can lead to various health problems. 1. Thong There are intense discussions about […]

Intimate gymnastics: history and benefits

[ad_1] Complexes of special exercises that are useful for women’s health are quite deservedly popular and have a long history. History of Intimate Fitness Even in the ancient world, priestesses of love were concerned with maintaining libido and attractiveness. In China, Japan and India, special sets of intimate exercises were developed that were designed to […]

Hemorrhoids in women: causes of formation, characteristic symptoms

[ad_1] Hemorrhoids in women began to be diagnosed more and more often. But it occurs with the same frequency in men and women, regardless of age. Although hemorrhoids manifest themselves in both sexes in the same way, the causes of its occurrence are different. Predisposing factors for this disease are hidden in our lifestyle. Why […]

Anal itching in women

[ad_1] Not always anal itching becomes a reason for a visit to the doctor. Such a delicate problem can appear at any age, but most people consider it not significant and prefer to either endure the symptom or try to block it with the help of traditional medicine. This attitude towards one’s health most often […]

Endometriosis: an unexpected problem

[ad_1] Endometriosis is a disease in which patches of the endometrium, the lining of the uterus, appear in a variety of places in the body, from the ovaries and bladder to the nose and eyes. Since the structure of these «spies behind enemy lines» correspond to the normal endometrium, menstrual bleeding occurs from them every […]

Top 5 exercises recommended by gynecologists

[ad_1] Looking at the visitors of gyms and fitness clubs, you can see that women and men attend classes in almost equal proportions. And strength training in the gym is no exception. When drawing up a training program, an experienced instructor takes into account several fundamental factors at once: the state of health at the […]

Soft spot disease. How to protect yourself from colon cancer

[ad_1] Intestinal diseases often do not immediately make themselves felt. In addition, people are embarrassed to go to the doctor with such problems. And very in vain. On the Day of the Coloproctologist, which is celebrated on October 26, aif.ru told about these diseases and how to prevent them Director of the A.N. Ryzhykh National […]

Too hot! What daily habits harm digestion?

[ad_1] About how the state of the digestive system is affected by various daily habits of a person, the doctors told in the program “Live healthy!”. Habit one — drinking too hot scalding tea As doctors noted, there are a lot of such people, there are even entire nations in whose culture the habit of […]

Yoni stimming: useful procedure or harm to women’s health?

[ad_1] Yoni stimming is a recently revived alternative medicine method in which a woman sits over a steam bath. This practice is also called chai yok, bajos, jony steam. In the West, «vaginal inhalation» was not popular until the late 2000s. However, in the alternative medicine community, especially «traditional» Korean and African-American practices, the method […]

Uterine fibroma: the role of hormones, the main manifestations

[ad_1] Benign tumors in the uterus today are quite common. Among them, the leading variants of tumors are fibroma and myoma. It can be a single node of connective tissue cells, or multiple elements that grow slowly and do not always give distinct symptoms. The reason for their formation is called various factors — gynecological […]