Phytoestrogens: hopes and reality

[ad_1] There are many rumors and legends about phytoestrogens. The idea of ​​phytoestrogens has become one of the keys to the competition among alcohol producers. For many years now, among ordinary citizens, passions have not subsided over soy products and beer, which gives Russian machos feminine forms. MedAboutMe figured out what phytoestrogens are and is […]

Psychological consequences of spontaneous abortion: what is important to know

[ad_1] Pregnancy, which did not end with the birth of a child due to spontaneous abortion, miscarriage or stillbirth, causes many feelings and experiences. What to expect when you are no longer expecting a baby? MedAboutMe talks about what affects feelings, how to help women cope with the feeling of loss, and research scientists warn […]

The most common causes of missed periods

[ad_1] Violations of the menstrual cycle are not so rare, and every woman at least once, but faced with similar phenomena. One of the most common cycle violations is delay. As a rule, only with one word «delay» many begin to suspect pregnancy. Yes, in some cases, it turns out to be her, but still […]

A healthy mind in a healthy body. What do memory and cycling have in common?

[ad_1] For many years, doctors have distinguished cognitive health disorders from the general range of human health problems. What it is? Nowadays, the concept of «cognition» (from the Latin word cognition) is defined as knowledge, study, awareness. Healthy as a way of life In the broad sense of the word, cognition is the ability to […]

Persistence cubed. How to get rid of an obsessive admirer

[ad_1] Every day a new bouquet, constant calls and offers to meet, various surprises and attention, attention, attention to your person. If you get all this from your beloved man, as they say, «advice and love.» And if from an unfamiliar fan, for whom you do not have any feelings and sympathy? Psychologist Maria Merkulova […]

Top 5 Menstrual Blood Myths

[ad_1] All healthy women of reproductive age, unless they are pregnant or breastfeeding, experience monthly menstrual bleeding. The very fact that the fair sex has such days causes mixed feelings among both sexes. Considering that many women develop premenstrual syndrome before the onset of bleeding due to surges in hormones, it cannot be said that […]

Climax and cryotherapy

[ad_1] Every person faces age-related problems, and a woman, even if she is practically healthy, over the age of 45-50, will sooner or later feel what menopause or menopause is. Climax: how to solve the problem? But how to be? Endure a few years or take medication? Are there other ways to prevent menopause symptoms? […]

What fuels attraction? Are there really aphrodisiac foods?

[ad_1] The intimate life of a person is an incredibly delicate area. And the attitude towards it over time changes with great amplitude. But since ancient times, people have a desire to improve their intimate life with the help of excipients. MedAboutMe tells how justified these hopes are. «Love food» from antiquity to the present […]