Anal itching in women

[ad_1] Not always anal itching becomes a reason for a visit to the doctor. Such a delicate problem can appear at any age, but most people consider it not significant and prefer to either endure the symptom or try to block it with the help of traditional medicine. This attitude towards one’s health most often […]

A miscarriage and its consequences for the psyche: how to survive the grief of losing a child

[ad_1] A pregnancy that ends abruptly in miscarriage is an emotionally and physically difficult experience in any circumstance. Especially if a woman is being treated for infertility or has already experienced one or more spontaneous abortions, in which case the repetition of the situation becomes the most painful. Although time is considered the best healer, […]

Gynecological problems of preschool girls: what parents need to know

[ad_1] Preschool girls have special problems in the intimate area. This is due to the weakening of hygiene control by parents, attending kindergarten and frequent illnesses. In addition, allergies, the development of a fungal infection, and even childhood curiosity, bad habits, and parasitic infections can also play a role. In the presence of discomfort and […]

Scientists: for a wife to have a desire, a husband needs to do household chores

[ad_1] Experts at Swinburne University of Technology believe that men can improve their sex lives by taking on more responsibility for household chores. Whether it’s washing dishes or doing laundry, men are said to have a greater aversion to household chores than women. Researchers in Australia asked almost 300 women in relationships about their lives […]

Seven prohibitions after childbirth: what can not a young mother do?

[ad_1] After the birth is left behind, every woman wants to return to her usual way of life as soon as possible, take care of herself, feel full of energy and strength again. But it should be understood that during the period of gestation and in the process of labor, the female body underwent significant […]

Classification and treatment of infections of the female reproductive system

[ad_1] Infections of the female reproductive system are a sudden nuisance that many are familiar with firsthand. What are the reasons for their occurrence? Is sexual contact always the mode of transmission? What sexual infections are incurable and are there ways to avoid them? How to understand the intricacies and variety of types of infectious […]

Childfree. Why don’t women want to have children?

[ad_1] The concept of childfree implies a conscious desire not to have children. Looking at those who declare themselves to be supporters of this concept, one might think that some were forced into the ranks of the «free from children». This could be due to constant questions from others: “When are you planning to give […]

Bad personal hygiene habits and their dangers

[ad_1] From early childhood, parents teach their children the rules of personal hygiene. Everyone knows that you need to take a bath regularly, brush your teeth, wash your hands and put on clean clothes. Such habits have become part of the daily lives of most people. But at the same time, there are also bad […]

How to cope with the manifestations of the menstrual cycle?

[ad_1] The menstrual cycle in women is a series of recurring physiological phenomena that accompany a woman throughout the entire reproductive period of her life. However, they are often accompanied by various uncomfortable conditions, which are quite difficult to put up with. Is it possible to relieve recurrent painful manifestations during the menstrual cycle? What […]

Health risks: malnutrition

[ad_1] The generation that currently lives in developed countries is lucky. Shop counters, markets abound with a variety of food — they can find everything your heart desires. Starting from cereals and vegetables familiar to humans and ending with exotic varieties of fruits and delicacies. For every taste and budget. However, the modern world has […]