Intimate gymnastics: history and benefits

[ad_1] Complexes of special exercises that are useful for women’s health are quite deservedly popular and have a long history. History of Intimate Fitness Even in the ancient world, priestesses of love were concerned with maintaining libido and attractiveness. In China, Japan and India, special sets of intimate exercises were developed that were designed to […]

Scientists: for a wife to have a desire, a husband needs to do household chores

[ad_1] Experts at Swinburne University of Technology believe that men can improve their sex lives by taking on more responsibility for household chores. Whether it’s washing dishes or doing laundry, men are said to have a greater aversion to household chores than women. Researchers in Australia asked almost 300 women in relationships about their lives […]

Attraction after childbirth: even more pleasure

[ad_1] Attending courses to prepare for pregnancy, as well as performing a set of special exercises before childbirth, will reduce the risk of excessive tissue overstretching during childbirth, the appearance of tears. That is why timely preparation is the most effective way to quickly recover and return to a full sexual life. Pregnancy is a […]

Shop maniacs. Six Ways to Stop Buying Everything

[ad_1] It turns out that the pleasure of the buying process is close to a trance state. Therefore, most often a woman easily spends money, and even very large ones, although each time she promises herself that she will no longer make stupid purchases. What makes us easily part with a lot of money and […]

Postpartum Depression: Causes, Signs, Treatments

[ad_1] Many people are not even aware of the existence of such a phenomenon as postpartum depression. After all, such a significant event as the birth of a baby is always associated with joy and love. Where do oppressive states come from here? In fact, postpartum depression is a ubiquitous problem affecting most new mothers. […]

The Amazing Health Benefits of Yoga for Women

[ad_1] Everyone who has ever heard of yoga knows about its beneficial effects on the body. Often, knowledge is limited to just two facts: yoga reduces stress and develops flexibility. But complex regular practice can give much more! Why all the fair sex should definitely do yoga? 12 good reasons — reveals MedAboutMe. Yoga strengthens […]

What woman is considered beautiful?

[ad_1] Female beauty is the driving force of evolution. For her sake, men make extraordinary moves and discoveries, strive for power, money. But the paradox is that there are no objective criteria for beauty. Her perception is purely individual and based on emotions. Female beauty: the secret is inside What is female beauty? There is […]

The most significant advantages of the female body over the male

[ad_1] «Fair sex» — that’s what they say about women. What are the advantages of being female? It is women who dedicate poems, poems, paintings, give «best friends», cherish and cherish. It is women who can give life, which no man can do. But there are other, more significant benefits of the female body, which […]

What habits can cause women’s health problems?

[ad_1] Interestingly, certain habits can provoke the appearance of various female diseases and problems, including candidiasis, cystitis, infertility, lack of orgasm, etc. What can cause candidiasis? In the body of almost every woman there is a fungal infection, which is dormant until a certain time. The presence of certain factors (habits) can lead to its […]

How to recognize depression in a young mother?

[ad_1] The birth of a child in a family brings a lot of joy and happiness. However, in addition to positive aspects, this event can lead to chronic fatigue, poor health, stress and even depression. Most often, all that a woman who has recently become a mother observes from TV screens and glossy magazines is […]