Women’s Health: 7 Foods That Cause Thrush

[ad_1] The fungus that causes this disease, called Candida, is sensitive to changes in diet. What foods should be eliminated so as not to feed harmful microorganisms? Candida fungi are big sweet tooth, especially they love simple sugars. If you want to forget about thrush forever — give up sugar completely, get used to drinking […]

10 Health and Beauty Tips for a 30-Year-Old Woman

[ad_1] Yes, yes, there are plenty of uninvited advisers everywhere, like fleas on a mongrel. And each of the women herself can, without much effort, compile a three-volume set of useful tips for all occasions. However, sometimes it doesn’t hurt to pay attention to other people’s advice. Simply because everyone’s experience is different. Perhaps some […]

Minimum pills: how guaranteed is contraception and are they safe for health

[ad_1] Unlike combined oral contraceptives (COCs), which contain two types of hormones (estrogen and progestin), mini-pills, or “minimum pills”, contain only one, progestin, and even then in small doses — only 300-500 mcg. It is this feature that provides them with a soft action and a certain versatility. Mechanism of action Taking combined drugs blocks […]

How to calculate the day of ovulation and determine the ideal moment for conception?

[ad_1] Couples planning pregnancy or, on the contrary, seeking to prevent unwanted conception, try to calculate the most suitable days for fertilization in order to adjust their intimate life depending on the goals pursued. To do this, they need to know how to calculate the day of ovulation, since it determines the ideal moment for […]

How transvaginal technology saves women from pain

[ad_1] You can envy the fair sex — the female body is designed in such a way that it is possible to perform an abdominal operation without leaving a single scar on the skin. The path to the kidneys, stomach and other internal organs, the surgeons laid through the female vagina, and this method avoids […]

Love affair at work. Why you shouldn’t have a relationship at work

[ad_1] According to HH.ru, an office romance took place in the lives of 41% of employees. Moreover, one in five led to marriage. It turns out that work is a good place to find your life partner, despite the fact that employers are usually against intrigues, and work colleagues can start gossiping behind their backs. […]

Feminine features — cute and not so

[ad_1] Women are wired differently than men and behave differently. They have a different purpose, their body is designed by nature in such a way that this purpose is best suited. But some features of the female body can bring trouble to herself and others. MedAboutMe congratulates all the fair sex on the holiday and […]

Top 5 exercises recommended by gynecologists

[ad_1] Looking at the visitors of gyms and fitness clubs, you can see that women and men attend classes in almost equal proportions. And strength training in the gym is no exception. When drawing up a training program, an experienced instructor takes into account several fundamental factors at once: the state of health at the […]

Note Rapunzel. 8 questions about proper hair brushing

[ad_1] Beautiful, lush and healthy hair is the dream of many ladies. Meanwhile, in the process achieving such an ideal, the procedure for combing curls is underestimated. And improperly performed such a procedure can easily harm the hair. How to comb your hair correctly — aif.ru told about 8 basic rules dermatologist, cosmetologist, trichologist Tatiana […]

Nerve cells are restored? Can MEMOPROVE® help?

[ad_1] One of the most urgent medical problems of our time is cognitive health disorders. What it is? Doctors and psychologists define the concept of cognition (from the Latin word cognition) as knowledge, study, awareness. What is the boss’s name? In the broad sense of the word, cognition is the ability to perceive and process […]