Deadly SARS. What kind of virus is killing children in the US and do we have it?

[ad_1] In the United States, pediatric hospitals have been overwhelmed for two weeks now. The reason is one of SARS: respiratory syncytial infection (RS infection). Mostly children under 2 years of age are affected. The number of deaths has exceeded a hundred. The infection can be similar to the common cold, but it can also […]

Fire in the stomach. Can spicy food cause gastritis?

[ad_1] Can spicy food cause gastritis in healthy people? How safe is the «fire» in the stomach for the stomach? And what is more in pepper, spices and seasonings — harmful or useful? told about this gastroenterologist Svetlana Domozhirova. What is the use of spicy and spicy? — If we talk about the spices […]

Chemotherapy and family planning: how drugs affect fertility

[ad_1] Chemotherapy is an intensive drug treatment commonly used to treat cancer but is also effective in treating other conditions such as benign tumors, immune system disorders, and bone marrow diseases. This therapy uses various chemicals to kill dangerous cells. While chemotherapy is often effective at killing harmful cells, it also damages or kills healthy […]

Not only smoking. What is killing our lungs?

[ad_1] Actively pay attention to the condition of the lungs began during the COVID-19 pandemic. After all, they were one of the targets of the infection. At the same time, doctors note that a person himself can easily destroy even healthy lungs with fairly simple actions. Which ones — told Alexander Myasnikov in the program […]