A miscarriage and its consequences for the psyche: how to survive the grief of losing a child

[ad_1] A pregnancy that ends abruptly in miscarriage is an emotionally and physically difficult experience in any circumstance. Especially if a woman is being treated for infertility or has already experienced one or more spontaneous abortions, in which case the repetition of the situation becomes the most painful. Although time is considered the best healer, […]

Love affair at work. Why you shouldn’t have a relationship at work

[ad_1] According to HH.ru, an office romance took place in the lives of 41% of employees. Moreover, one in five led to marriage. It turns out that work is a good place to find your life partner, despite the fact that employers are usually against intrigues, and work colleagues can start gossiping behind their backs. […]

Cons of large breasts: posture problems, stretch marks

[ad_1] Women with small breasts often envy the owners of a chic bust, and in vain. Large breasts, although they look attractive, give their mistress a lot of problems. These are stretch marks on the chest, and problems with the skin under the gland, as well as back pain and poor posture. In addition, the […]

Plants useful for women’s beauty and health

[ad_1] For thousands of years, the gifts of forests and fields have been used for medicinal purposes and to maintain beauty and youth. Even with the development of medicine and cosmetology, many herbs remain the main helpers of women in maintaining skin elasticity, hair shine and nail strength. Beauty is a terrible power, especially if […]

How to reduce the risk of breast cancer recurrence?

[ad_1] Scientists have long been trying to understand the causes of breast cancer recurrences, but they are still an unpredictable phenomenon. However, prevention can prevent the return of a formidable disease. Modern medicine has the idea that even after successful treatment of pathology, tumor cells are able to migrate to other parts of the body. […]

Features of menopause: how to survive unpleasant manifestations?

[ad_1] Climax is a time of change, and not always positive. The onset of menopause is frustrating and scary for women at the same time. However, you can enjoy life even in difficult periods of life. You just need to learn it. Hot flashes during menopause and other troubles during menopause Nature so ordered that […]

Why women can grow a belly before menopause: 5 possible reasons

[ad_1] About a figure with thin legs and a big belly they say: «apple». However, unlike a well-known brand of gadgets, this type of physique is not an indicator of quality. MedAboutMe reveals why the belly gets bigger when menopause isn’t coming soon. We learn to make a presumptive diagnosis at home. Obesity, pregnancy, menopause […]

Don’t go crazy. How to live in a world of bad news, social networks and fakes

[ad_1] The news has not been encouraging at all lately, but few people can afford the «luxury» to completely abandon them. Even if you don’t watch TV, the information will «catch up» with you on social media. How to stay calm and not become a victim of doomscrolling, tells psychologist Olga Romaniv. 1. Have days […]

Cancer of the uterus and appendages: early symptoms

[ad_1] Tumor processes in the female genital area, such as cervical cancer, today have become quite an urgent problem for many women, even at a fairly young age. Therefore, the main task of modern oncology at this stage is the timely diagnosis of the disease with its early and complete cure. It is important to […]

Don’t let yourself be lazy. Aging affects the active organs less

[ad_1] The average life expectancy in Russia is 77 years. But at the same time, there are people who live up to 80-90 years old, without losing either sharpness of mind or efficiency. Tells Honorary President of the Association of Gerontologists and Geriatricians of Russia, Academician Vladimir Shabalin. Lidia Yudina, aif.ru: Vladimir Nikolayevich, there are […]