Women’s Health: 10 Breast Lump Myths

[ad_1] Misconception 1. A lump in the mammary gland is a clear sign of a cancerous tumor. According to statistics, in 80% of cases, a lump in the breast is not evidence of developing cancer. Most often, studies reveal mastopathy, cyst or fibroadenoma — a benign neoplasm. Misconception 2. Women with small breasts have a […]

Irregular periods: main causes and risks

[ad_1] It is not for nothing that many nations compare a woman with the moon. Either it happened by chance, or those who claim that it is not without reason that the usual cycle of egg maturation corresponds to the lunar month — 28 days are right. Some discrepancy happens quite often, and this, as […]

Medical abortion: how it is done, what are the indications and contraindications

[ad_1] Medical abortion is the safest surgical intervention to terminate an unwanted pregnancy at an early stage. This fact is confirmed by the World Health Organization. This option of abortion is more suitable for adolescent girls, since the risk of complications (infertility and the appearance of infectious diseases) is minimal compared to surgery. Another advantage […]

Indications, complications of medical abortion: what you need to know about medical abortion

[ad_1] The unique method of medical termination of an unwanted pregnancy at an early stage has become today the safest alternative to classical surgical abortion. However, despite the convenient interruption technique and high efficiency, this method, like any other, can have a number of undesirable complications. The consequences of medical abortion can be unpleasant, the […]

Distress call. What signs does the body give when cancer develops

[ad_1] It is definitely better when cancer is detected at an early stage. Sometimes it is enough to listen to the signals of your body. What so-called «red flags» cannot be ignored, aif.ru told radiotherapist, candidate of medical sciences, deputy general director for scientific work of the oncological clinic Denis Romanov. Risk factors Usually, patients […]

Mammography as a method of diagnosing breast diseases

[ad_1] Many women over the age of 40 know that they need regular breast exams. This is necessary not out of idle interest, but for the prevention of serious diseases, including breast cancer. Today, female oncology has become much younger, so gynecologists and mammologists teach the principles of self-diagnosis of breast neoplasms even to young […]

How does menopause affect teeth and gums?

[ad_1] Menopause is a special period in a woman’s life associated with changes in the functioning of the body. A decrease in hormone production affects the work of the whole organism, including the oral cavity. Experts associate menopause with dry mouth, deterioration of teeth and gums. What are the causes of such changes and can […]

Menstrual Hygiene: Truths and Myths About Tampons

[ad_1] The ladies themselves have long looked at ordinary fabric and cotton-gauze pads, which women used several decades ago, as a relic of the past. But the complete replacement of the usual devices with wings with tampons did not happen. The former are considered safer to use and preferred from a health point of view, […]

Mastitis: when is inflammation possible?

[ad_1] In young women, one of the most common breast problems is mastitis. This is an acute inflammation caused by the penetration of a bacterial infection into the tissue of the gland, although non-infectious lesions are also possible. The process often occurs during breastfeeding, while the temperature rises, swelling of the breast and pain, inflammation […]

She cannot be defeated. Why don’t heartburn drugs work?

[ad_1] Full compliance with the doctor’s recommendations for the treatment of various diseases does not always lead to the desired result. So, for example, there are situations when drugs prescribed for heartburn do not cope with their task, and the problem continues to bother. Why is this happening? In the program «Live healthy!» Elena Malysheva […]