The moon and women’s health: a mysterious connection or a game of hormones?

[ad_1] Since ancient times, the Sun was considered masculine, and the Moon patronized women. The lunar month corresponds in duration to the female menstrual cycle and is 28–29 days. A woman carries a child for 10 lunar months. It is noticed that in a healthy woman, the peak of her intimate desire and the maximum […]

Thrush in women: the most common causes and treatments

[ad_1] You can suspect thrush by the following symptoms in women: burning, inflammation and itching in the vagina; discharge with a sour smell of curdled consistency; discomfort, pain during sexual intercourse, urination, bathing. Where does thrush come from in women? Vaginal candidiasis manifests itself due to the growth of pathogenic microflora of the vagina, namely, […]

Rules for selecting COCs for young women

[ad_1] COC — combined oral contraceptives. There are many contraceptive pills now available, with different compositions. The doctor should choose the most suitable remedy, but if the woman herself understands how different oral contraceptives differ, it will only be better. How birth control pills work The composition of pregnancy pills includes synthetic analogues of female […]

S.S. Konovalov «Women’s Diseases»: for whom was this book written?

[ad_1] Recently, a lot of specialized medical portals and online forums have appeared on the Internet, where you can: get professional advice from highly specialized doctors (free of charge); exchange opinions about the clinic or specialist with other patients; compare proposed treatment regimens; learn more about new drugs for the treatment of a particular disease […]

Minimum pills: how guaranteed is contraception and are they safe for health

[ad_1] Unlike combined oral contraceptives (COCs), which contain two types of hormones (estrogen and progestin), mini-pills, or “minimum pills”, contain only one, progestin, and even then in small doses — only 300-500 mcg. It is this feature that provides them with a soft action and a certain versatility. Mechanism of action Taking combined drugs blocks […]

Withstand pressure. When can you suspect hypertension?

[ad_1] Blood pressure is a point of assessing human health, which has recently been given special attention. Indeed, a huge number of people on earth have such a disease as arterial hypertension, it is also hypertension, that is, high blood pressure. Its danger is often underestimated. But it’s not for nothing that she is called […]

Features of the menstrual cycle in teenage girls: what you need to know about the first monthly cycles

[ad_1] The onset of menstruation and the formation of the menstrual cycle is an important stage in the life of every teenage girl. This is not only a physiological indicator of health, but also the transformation of an ugly duckling into a beautiful swan. When to start talking about body changes, menstruation, hygiene protection and […]

Breast cyst: the most popular myths

[ad_1] Breast cyst is one of the most common female pathologies. It is believed that every third adult woman in Russia has cysts in her breast. Where do these formations come from, what are the threats and what myths about breast cysts are roaming among the population — MedAboutMe figured it out. How is the […]

Causes of menstrual irregularities: from diseases to hormones

[ad_1] Today, various menstrual irregularities are one of the most common problems in gynecology. According to statistics, every woman at least once faced such a problem. The attention of gynecologists will deserve not a single case of a failure of the menstrual cycle, which is associated with stress, climate change or illness, but systematic delays […]

Don’t miss the golden hour. What to do and what not to do with a stroke?

[ad_1] In classical literature, this disease — an acute violation of the blood supply to the brain — was called an apoplexy. Now they call it a stroke. October 29 — World Day against the insidious disease. A stroke has not only purely medical, but also social consequences. In the world, 4.7 million people die […]