Female beauty: typical mistakes of girls

[ad_1] At all times, female beauty has fascinated, fascinated, inspired. Girls want to be irresistible and catch admiring glances. But in pursuit of beauty, they often forget about important little things that can spoil even the sweetest face. Women’s beauty — daily work It is not uncommon for a woman to spend time on hair […]

No more squeak. Who needs to wear night guards

[ad_1] Dentists recommend brushing your teeth before bed, but for some this ritual is not enough. To maintain oral health, a night mouthguard is also added to the toothbrush. Dentist-orthopedist Raul Otkhozoria In an interview with Aif.ru, he told in what cases dental pads are used, how much it costs and how not to accidentally […]

Infectionist explained why you need to clarify the diagnosis of a cold

[ad_1] If an ARVI is suspected, the infected person should undergo tests for respiratory infections in order to choose the most effective treatment and avoid the negative consequences of the disease, Margarita Provotorova, a leading expert of the CMD Center for Molecular Diagnostics of the Central Research Institute of Epidemiology of Rospotrebnadzor, said in an […]

Features of hygiene in discharge from the female genital organs

[ad_1] Proper hygienic care can be safely called the key to women’s health, which is especially important in modern megacities and a life full of stress. Manufacturers of hygiene products are trying to follow the relevance of the problem, offering their customers new intimate care products that meet all the requirements. Mistakes in intimate care […]

«Women’s» calendar on a smartphone and contraception issues

[ad_1] Ancient paper calendars have long sunk into oblivion, but the need to monitor the menstrual cycle remains. This is something that women practically cannot change, but must control if they want to be the mistress of their own lives. Today, shabby calendars have been replaced by smartphones that are ready not only to calculate, […]

Mistakes in intimate hygiene, how to care for the vagina

[ad_1] Caring for and maintaining a healthy vagina is no easy task. You need to regularly maintain hygiene, choose a healthy diet, wear the right underwear, control stress. If one of these rules is violated, the vagina becomes more vulnerable to various infections and diseases, which often have unpleasant consequences for the reproductive system and […]

Myths about breast health, how to maintain the beauty of the breast

[ad_1] Today, September 3, on the anniversary of the invention of the bra, MedAboutMe offers to reveal the topic of the Sigen breast, along with the myths surrounding this beautiful part of the body. The symbol of female beauty and its secrets The smooth curves of the female figure would not be so exciting if […]

Obesity in a child is not in the genes. What food should pregnant women avoid?

[ad_1] Obesity in a child, which begins after 10 years, depends on what his mother ate when she carried him in her womb. This is evidenced by a large study by Irish scientists from University College Dublin. It would seem that there is no connection between what the mother ate during pregnancy and obesity or […]

Habits That Go Wrong: Personal Hygiene Mistakes

[ad_1] Brushing our teeth in the morning, washing our hands before eating and after going to the toilet, washing our underwear and other clothes regularly are taught in early childhood and these habits become part of our lives. However, some consciously or not make hygienic mistakes that are harmful to their health. The habit of […]

Throat problems. How to defeat autumn viruses

[ad_1] Laryngitis, pharyngitis, other acute respiratory infections and SARS are a common story in cold weather. These infections affect 44% of the world’s population every year. The main symptom is sore throat. How to be treated and what mistakes to avoid? Our expert — otorhinolaryngologist, head of the department of vestibulology and otoneurology of the […]