The moon and women’s health: a mysterious connection or a game of hormones?

[ad_1] Since ancient times, the Sun was considered masculine, and the Moon patronized women. The lunar month corresponds in duration to the female menstrual cycle and is 28–29 days. A woman carries a child for 10 lunar months. It is noticed that in a healthy woman, the peak of her intimate desire and the maximum […]

Female beauty: typical mistakes of girls

[ad_1] At all times, female beauty has fascinated, fascinated, inspired. Girls want to be irresistible and catch admiring glances. But in pursuit of beauty, they often forget about important little things that can spoil even the sweetest face. Women’s beauty — daily work It is not uncommon for a woman to spend time on hair […]

All about female nipples

[ad_1] The female breast is a very interesting part of the body. Moreover, both the women themselves and the representatives of the stronger sex will agree with this. Women’s breasts are admired, admired, taken care of. And it is not surprising — after all, it is she who gives the newborn person the very first […]

The most significant advantages of the female body over the male

[ad_1] «Fair sex» — that’s what they say about women. What are the advantages of being female? It is women who dedicate poems, poems, paintings, give «best friends», cherish and cherish. It is women who can give life, which no man can do. But there are other, more significant benefits of the female body, which […]

Typical symptoms of endometrioid disease

[ad_1] Endometriosis is one of the strange and mysterious gynecological diseases. Mostly young women (30-40 years old) are ill, which negatively affects their reproductive and sexual functions, and also causes suffering in the form of chronic pain syndrome. Endometriosis in the structure of women’s diseases Endometriosis is a chronic disease in which areas of tissue […]

Endometriosis: what complications does it threaten?

[ad_1] Endometriosis is one of the most common pathological processes in gynecological organs. It is characterized by the growth of the glandular tissue that makes up the endometrium beyond its limits. This disease has a hormone-dependent nature, and without the necessary medical care can cause infertility. Most often, endometriosis is diagnosed in women in the […]

Ovarian cysts: types, symptoms, recommendations of doctors

[ad_1] Ovarian cysts are often found during a routine examination by a gynecologist. Sometimes they are manifested by characteristic symptoms and pain in particular. Making such a diagnosis often scares women, because it in itself sounds quite menacing. Is it worth being afraid of such a conclusion and what measures are needed — MedAboutMe will […]

Signs indicating the development of internal endometriosis

[ad_1] Endometriosis is a pathological condition accompanied by hyperplasia of the inner layer of the uterus, which is called the endometrium. As a result of such a violation, the glandular tissue extends beyond the uterus and may even end up in fairly distant organs. Depending on where the pathological foci are localized, endometriosis is genital […]

Methods of diagnosis and treatment of endometriosis: surgery or hormones?

[ad_1] If a woman sees a doctor with complaints of pelvic pain, problems conceiving, or heavy, long and painful menstruation, endometriosis may be present. To determine the diagnosis, diagnostics is necessary, including both a gynecological examination and history taking, as well as laboratory and instrumental studies, ranging from ultrasound of the endometrium and pelvic organs, […]

9 men’s problems: what men are silent about

[ad_1] Ah, men! Your bodies are so different from women’s, mysterious and beautiful, and yet they are no less mysterious and beautiful. But the male body has its own unique problems. MedAboutMe will reveal secrets that men don’t like to talk about. Prostatitis Women do not understand what it means to once feel a problem […]