Women’s health: symptoms and prevention of mastopathy

[ad_1] Today, the number of women suffering from mastopathy has increased significantly. This pathology was noted in 40-60% of patients of reproductive age. And in the presence of gynecological diseases, the risk of developing mastopathy increases to 98%. A neglected disease threatens with severe complications, in which surgical intervention may be required. To save feminine […]

Prominent body part: 10 facts about breasts

[ad_1] Perhaps not all men will agree, but the main purpose of the female breast is to feed the child. What can not be said about the male breast, which is not adapted for lactation. This part of the human body hides many secrets and curious features. Let’s talk about some of them. 1. There […]

All about female nipples

[ad_1] The female breast is a very interesting part of the body. Moreover, both the women themselves and the representatives of the stronger sex will agree with this. Women’s breasts are admired, admired, taken care of. And it is not surprising — after all, it is she who gives the newborn person the very first […]

What is a “latex allergy”, why does it occur and what does it threaten?

[ad_1] Allergy captures new positions, every year manifesting itself more often and more diversely. Types of allergies that were previously difficult to imagine were revealed: to water, to cold and to the sun, there is even a real allergy to fitness! Against the background of these «rarities», latex allergy seems quite common. But in fact, […]

Mastopathy: the main causes and methods of prevention

[ad_1] Mastopathy is a pathological process, which is caused by the growth of epithelial and glandular tissues with the formation of foci of seals and cystic elements. Such a disease occurs as a result of an imbalance between hormonal substances in the body and is characterized by a benign flow process. A very large percentage […]

Mastopathy: the mechanism of development and manifestation of the disease

[ad_1] Mastopathy is a disease in which there is an imbalance between the hormones produced in the body. This leads to the proliferation of cells of the glandular and connective tissue of the mammary gland. In most cases, such a pathological process has a benign course and most often occurs in women older than thirty […]

Mastopathy: mechanism and causes of development, manifestations of the disease

[ad_1] Mastopathy is a disease in which there is a pathological proliferation of connective and glandular tissue located in the mammary gland. This pathological process is caused by a hormonal imbalance that occurs in the female body, and is characterized by its benign course. Mastopathy occurs in a very large number of female representatives. Especially […]

The main symptoms of mastopathy: how to recognize the disease?

[ad_1] Mastopathy is a pathological condition characterized by excessive growth of the connective and glandular components located in the mammary gland. Such a disease is formed as a result of an imbalance in the hormones that are produced in the body of a woman. The important point is that this pathology has a benign course, […]

Features of the menstrual cycle in teenage girls: what you need to know about the first monthly cycles

[ad_1] The onset of menstruation and the formation of the menstrual cycle is an important stage in the life of every teenage girl. This is not only a physiological indicator of health, but also the transformation of an ugly duckling into a beautiful swan. When to start talking about body changes, menstruation, hygiene protection and […]

Mastopathy: causes and manifestations of the disease

[ad_1] Scientists believe that mastopathy is the result of a disturbed hormonal background due to malfunctioning of the thyroid gland or sex hormones. Indeed, this disease often goes in conjunction with pathologies of the liver, ovaries, endocrine system disorders. In addition, a genetic predisposition and an environmental component cannot be excluded from sight. The MedAboutMe […]