Irregular periods: main causes and risks

[ad_1] It is not for nothing that many nations compare a woman with the moon. Either it happened by chance, or those who claim that it is not without reason that the usual cycle of egg maturation corresponds to the lunar month — 28 days are right. Some discrepancy happens quite often, and this, as […]

Features of the treatment of papillomas in women

[ad_1] Many have heard about papilloma today, but often women are surprised to discover at the next examination by a gynecologistthat they are infected with the human papillomavirus (HPV). Information about this disease, which can be easily found, scares many, because the presence of the human papillomavirus is associated with the formation of cervical cancer […]

Papillomas in women, what are the features?

[ad_1] Papilloma on the skin of a woman is usually the result of infection with a virus. Today, many women have heard about this virus, which can threaten cervical cancer, and a vaccine has even been developed for it, around which there is a lot of controversy. Papilloma can develop at any age, both among […]

Prominent body part: 10 facts about breasts

[ad_1] Perhaps not all men will agree, but the main purpose of the female breast is to feed the child. What can not be said about the male breast, which is not adapted for lactation. This part of the human body hides many secrets and curious features. Let’s talk about some of them. 1. There […]

Blood between menstruation: the norm or a symptom of dangerous diseases

[ad_1] Vaginal discharge can tell a lot about women’s health. Therefore, gynecologists are advised to pay special attention to them and consult a doctor in case of any changes. One of the most dangerous symptoms is the appearance of blood in the middle of the menstrual cycle. What such allocations can mean, understood MedAboutMe. When […]

Discharge from the penis without genital infections

[ad_1] If a man who feels great discovers suspicious discharge from the penis out of connection with sexual intercourse, he may well fall into a slight panic, frantically trying to figure out where, with whom and what he managed to get infected. But sometimes such discharge is not a manifestation of a sexually transmitted infection […]

Papillomas on the penis: how to deal with the human papillomavirus?

[ad_1] Human papillomaviruses (HPV) are infectious agents belonging to the Papoviridae family, the genetic material of which is represented by deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA). To date, more than 100 different HPV genotypes are known, about 40 of which affect the epithelium of the genital organs. Genital HPV infection is extremely widespread among the population and is […]