Scientists advise male cyclists to pedal every 10 minutes

[ad_1] Scientists from the Wroclaw Medical University (Poland) argue that male cyclists should get up on the pedals every ten minutes to avoid problems in bed. The researchers warn that it’s critical that men don’t «press» on their genitals when cycling for long periods, because there may be a link between numbness in this area […]

A healthy mind in a healthy body. What do memory and cycling have in common?

[ad_1] For many years, doctors have distinguished cognitive health disorders from the general range of human health problems. What it is? Nowadays, the concept of «cognition» (from the Latin word cognition) is defined as knowledge, study, awareness. Healthy as a way of life In the broad sense of the word, cognition is the ability to […]

We help the body. Simple tips for those who suffer from varicose veins

[ad_1] High heels — in the trash, compression stockings — on the legs. This is exactly what is advised to do to everyone who is faced with varicose veins. How else can you help yourself with this disease, tells certified Pilates trainer, master of sports in rhythmic gymnastics Elena Averyanova. Recommendation No. 1. Physical activity […]