A little pepper in the cold. Why spicy food is addictive

[ad_1] Is it true that spicy food is addictive and damages the taste buds, and can a person who is used to spicy food return to a regular diet? The aif.ru journalist talks about this with gastroenterologist Svetlana Domozhirova. — It is believed that spicy food is addictive and a person constantly increases the amount […]

Fire in the stomach. Can spicy food cause gastritis?

[ad_1] Can spicy food cause gastritis in healthy people? How safe is the «fire» in the stomach for the stomach? And what is more in pepper, spices and seasonings — harmful or useful? aif.ru told about this gastroenterologist Svetlana Domozhirova. What is the use of spicy and spicy? — If we talk about the spices […]

Bread shampoo, onion balm. Can folk methods strengthen hair

[ad_1] The approaching cold snap and the «hat season» make you think about additional hair care. Understanding the variety of professional products that are sold in stores is not easy. And many even prefer to use the experience of traditional medicine. There are a lot of different tips on how to care for hair on […]

Ayurveda on guard of women’s health: how to relieve PMS?

[ad_1] Premenstrual syndrome (PMS) ruins the lives of millions of women regardless of race, age or social status. A few days before the onset of menstruation, they face a whole range of unpleasant symptoms and disorders that significantly worsen their quality of life. Everyone is used to dealing with this problem in their own way […]

What fuels attraction? Are there really aphrodisiac foods?

[ad_1] The intimate life of a person is an incredibly delicate area. And the attitude towards it over time changes with great amplitude. But since ancient times, people have a desire to improve their intimate life with the help of excipients. MedAboutMe tells how justified these hopes are. «Love food» from antiquity to the present […]

Hair products with growth activators: what are they?

[ad_1] Stress, diet, even the change of season — all this affects the condition of the hair. In insufficiently comfortable conditions, they not only fade and become brittle, but also fall out faster — and new ones “fall asleep” while still in the hair follicle and stop growing. Special tools — activators — help to […]