Medical abortion: how it is done, what are the indications and contraindications

[ad_1] Medical abortion is the safest surgical intervention to terminate an unwanted pregnancy at an early stage. This fact is confirmed by the World Health Organization. This option of abortion is more suitable for adolescent girls, since the risk of complications (infertility and the appearance of infectious diseases) is minimal compared to surgery. Another advantage […]

Indications, complications of medical abortion: what you need to know about medical abortion

[ad_1] The unique method of medical termination of an unwanted pregnancy at an early stage has become today the safest alternative to classical surgical abortion. However, despite the convenient interruption technique and high efficiency, this method, like any other, can have a number of undesirable complications. The consequences of medical abortion can be unpleasant, the […]

A miscarriage and its consequences for the psyche: how to survive the grief of losing a child

[ad_1] A pregnancy that ends abruptly in miscarriage is an emotionally and physically difficult experience in any circumstance. Especially if a woman is being treated for infertility or has already experienced one or more spontaneous abortions, in which case the repetition of the situation becomes the most painful. Although time is considered the best healer, […]

Breast cancer and IVF: is there a link?

[ad_1] Breast cancer appears as a formidable enemy that sneaks up unnoticed and «shoots» on the spot. Despite the significant success of oncologists in this area, it continues to claim the lives of young women. A theory has been put forward (supported by a few observations) according to which ovarian stimulation in the preparation phase […]

Seven prohibitions after childbirth: what can not a young mother do?

[ad_1] After the birth is left behind, every woman wants to return to her usual way of life as soon as possible, take care of herself, feel full of energy and strength again. But it should be understood that during the period of gestation and in the process of labor, the female body underwent significant […]

Postpartum depression: symptoms and signs, how long does it last

[ad_1] The birth of a child is a serious stage in the life of every woman. A newborn baby changes the whole habitual life, making the world revolve around him. But the changes concern not only the visible aspects of a woman’s life, they are also present at the hormonal level. In the first week, […]

Psychological consequences of spontaneous abortion: what is important to know

[ad_1] Pregnancy, which did not end with the birth of a child due to spontaneous abortion, miscarriage or stillbirth, causes many feelings and experiences. What to expect when you are no longer expecting a baby? MedAboutMe talks about what affects feelings, how to help women cope with the feeling of loss, and research scientists warn […]

Features of hygiene in discharge from the female genital organs

[ad_1] Proper hygienic care can be safely called the key to women’s health, which is especially important in modern megacities and a life full of stress. Manufacturers of hygiene products are trying to follow the relevance of the problem, offering their customers new intimate care products that meet all the requirements. Mistakes in intimate care […]

Women’s metabolic problems: overweight and infertility

[ad_1] In the female body, due to the influence of hormones and metabolic characteristics, specific diseases can develop, which are practically absent in men. Such ailments may be associated with disorders of fat metabolism or impaired absorption of carbohydrates. Protein metabolism may also suffer, which leads to various pathologies. One of them is overweight or […]

Postpartum depression: 10 ways to fight and prevent

[ad_1] The onset and development of postpartum depression is influenced by both biological and emotional factors. The levels of estrogen and progesterone in the body fluctuate dramatically after childbirth. These hormones are associated with neurotransmitters that affect a person’s mood. Usually depression occurs in the period from a week to a month after childbirth. Its […]