Weight loss for men: features of training and a fat-burning diet

[ad_1] If women, losing weight, pursue the goal of becoming slimmer and sleeker, then men want not only to remove excess fat, but to model a figure, replacing it with increased muscle mass. Therefore, weight loss for men includes training and diet, all the nuances and features of which are given by MedAboutMe. weight loss […]

How smoking affects women’s health: myths and facts

[ad_1] Once upon a time, smoking was a privilege exclusively for men, but with the development of feminist and emancipatory ideas, it became intended to equalize women with them. The image of a strong, independent lady from the light hand of tobacco kings was accompanied by the same smoking cigarette in her hand. Ladies of […]

10 Health and Beauty Tips for a 30-Year-Old Woman

[ad_1] Yes, yes, there are plenty of uninvited advisers everywhere, like fleas on a mongrel. And each of the women herself can, without much effort, compile a three-volume set of useful tips for all occasions. However, sometimes it doesn’t hurt to pay attention to other people’s advice. Simply because everyone’s experience is different. Perhaps some […]

Yulia Baranovskaya: “Any point on the map of Russia is a place of power for me”

[ad_1] Known TV presenter Yulia Baranovskaya, seems to have time for everything in the world: raising three children, building a career, studying his country. The star spoke about places of power in Russia, about relations with her daughter and about her social project “Women of Donbass” in an interview with AiF. PRO Health. “I need […]

Love affair at work. Why you shouldn’t have a relationship at work

[ad_1] According to HH.ru, an office romance took place in the lives of 41% of employees. Moreover, one in five led to marriage. It turns out that work is a good place to find your life partner, despite the fact that employers are usually against intrigues, and work colleagues can start gossiping behind their backs. […]

A set of exercises and the optimal diet for harmony and well-being during menopause

[ad_1] Some women are convinced that with the onset of menopause, a full happy life ends. Gray and joyless weekdays come with constant hot flashes and sweating, nervous tension and sleepless nights, excess weight appears, problems with the skin, hair, joints, etc. Symptoms, of course, are not pleasant, but experienced doctors will help smooth out […]

Plants useful for women’s beauty and health

[ad_1] For thousands of years, the gifts of forests and fields have been used for medicinal purposes and to maintain beauty and youth. Even with the development of medicine and cosmetology, many herbs remain the main helpers of women in maintaining skin elasticity, hair shine and nail strength. Beauty is a terrible power, especially if […]

How to reduce the risk of breast cancer recurrence?

[ad_1] Scientists have long been trying to understand the causes of breast cancer recurrences, but they are still an unpredictable phenomenon. However, prevention can prevent the return of a formidable disease. Modern medicine has the idea that even after successful treatment of pathology, tumor cells are able to migrate to other parts of the body. […]

What woman is considered beautiful?

[ad_1] Female beauty is the driving force of evolution. For her sake, men make extraordinary moves and discoveries, strive for power, money. But the paradox is that there are no objective criteria for beauty. Her perception is purely individual and based on emotions. Female beauty: the secret is inside What is female beauty? There is […]

Symptoms of menopause in women and the use of dietary supplements

[ad_1] Menopause refers to the natural processes of the female body, it comes to replace the reproductive period. Menopause develops gradually, as a result of the extinction of the functions of the ovaries for the production of female hormones, or it can be induced artificially when the ovaries are removed (damaged). Female hormones produced by […]