Gynecological problems of preschool girls: what parents need to know

[ad_1] Preschool girls have special problems in the intimate area. This is due to the weakening of hygiene control by parents, attending kindergarten and frequent illnesses. In addition, allergies, the development of a fungal infection, and even childhood curiosity, bad habits, and parasitic infections can also play a role. In the presence of discomfort and […]

How to tell a girl about her period and menstrual cycle

[ad_1] The beginning of menstruation is a very important event for every girl, a sign that her puberty is already actively underway, she will soon become a girl. This process can become a shock and frighten a teenager if the girl does not have enough information about what the menstrual cycle is, what happens to […]

Housewife or businesswoman. How to raise a feminine girl?

[ad_1] If you look at young people today, the behavior of girls is extremely difficult to distinguish from the behavior of boys. They are brash, swear, smoke, engage in active and aggressive sports, wear boyfriend jeans. This is due to the fact that women have won space and the right for their own realization and […]