Women’s Health: Five Breathing Techniques You Should Learn

[ad_1] We offer you to master five basic breathing techniques that will help you improve women’s health and stay in shape 365 days a year. If you suddenly feel pain in your heart or you have tachycardia (increased heart rate), an exercise developed by yoga practitioner David Mangon from Nepal Medical Center. This exercise will […]

Women’s heart and menopause: sad changes

[ad_1] The body of a woman undergoes a number of serious changes during the transition to menopause. Not surprisingly, they also affect heart health. MedAboutMe found out what to look out for in order to keep your heart healthy for as long as possible. Heart disease in men and women Statistics show that women are […]

Menopause and heart health: how to protect yourself?

[ad_1] Statistics show that cardiovascular disease in adulthood affects men to a greater extent. Women under 50 years of age are significantly less prone to heart disease. However, with the onset of menopause, the number of heart diseases among women increases. What is it connected with? How to reduce risks? MedAboutMe will talk about it. […]

Ovarian cyst: main causes, manifestations and methods of treatment

[ad_1] Treatment for an ovarian cyst depends on its type. So, functional cysts, which include follicular and luteal, can resolve on their own and require only observation for 3-6 months. If the formation has not disappeared, surgical treatment is used — laparoscopy. Sometimes oral contraceptives or anti-inflammatory drugs are prescribed to speed up resorption. But […]

Breast cancer and IVF: is there a link?

[ad_1] Breast cancer appears as a formidable enemy that sneaks up unnoticed and «shoots» on the spot. Despite the significant success of oncologists in this area, it continues to claim the lives of young women. A theory has been put forward (supported by a few observations) according to which ovarian stimulation in the preparation phase […]

Ovarian cyst: the main methods of treatment

[ad_1] An ovarian cyst is a benign formation that looks like a cavity filled with liquid secretion. An increase in the volume of fluid filling the cyst leads to further growth of the neoplasm. There are six types of cystic formations, and which of them are harmless and which are dangerous — later in the […]

Attraction after childbirth: even more pleasure

[ad_1] Attending courses to prepare for pregnancy, as well as performing a set of special exercises before childbirth, will reduce the risk of excessive tissue overstretching during childbirth, the appearance of tears. That is why timely preparation is the most effective way to quickly recover and return to a full sexual life. Pregnancy is a […]

Obesity in a glass. What are the dangers of sugary carbonated drinks for health

[ad_1] Sweetened soda and other drinks with a lot of sugar are very attractive. They are enjoyed by adults, especially children. In October, the State Duma adopted in the first reading a bill introducing an excise tax on sugar-containing drinks. Now there will be a fee: 7 rubles per liter; If the bill passes the […]

Cervical cancer: methods of prevention

[ad_1] Cervical cancer is currently the second most common cancer in women of reproductive age. The incidence can be traced throughout the world, although most cases are diagnosed in South America and the African continent. The low mortality rate from cervical cancer in the United States is due to early diagnosis and prevention of the […]

Gynecological myths about menopause and polyps

[ad_1] Many women do not have objective information regarding their health, which is why they may believe various ridiculous statements and myths regarding uterine fibroids, infertility, the development of endometrial cysts or polyps. They are terrified of the menopause, in which, in their opinion, serious problems will develop. However, in reality, everything is not as […]