How to survive the menopause and cope with its manifestations

[ad_1] During menopause, a woman’s life inevitably changes. With the right attitude to age-related changes, it is much easier for a woman to endure a cardinal restructuring in the body. Proper nutrition, sufficient physical activity, the absence of extra pounds and a sparing daily routine will not get rid of the unpleasant symptoms of menopause, […]

Hot flashes in women

[ad_1] Yes, women also have tides, like the seas and oceans. Only sea tides depend on the Moon, and female ones are associated with the extinction of the reproductive function, with menopause. Of all the symptoms of menopause, hot flashes are perhaps the most unpleasant symptom, and almost every woman has to deal with them. […]

The death rate from alcoholism has risen in the United States

[ad_1] The number of deaths from alcoholism in the United States in the first year of the COVID-19 pandemic rose by almost 30%, according to Fox News, citing reports from the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. “The rate of such deaths increased by 7% or less every year, but in 2020 rose by […]

In terms of complexity — like a satellite. Our scientists presented a new MRI machine

[ad_1] at the Physical Institute. PN Lebedeva (FIAN) showed what science can really do for import substitution. They presented the first Russian MRI unit, which is already ready for production, and talked about a unique breakthrough technology that will significantly reduce the cost of tomographs and simplify their maintenance. Efforts not in vain When in […]

Housewife or businesswoman. How to raise a feminine girl?

[ad_1] If you look at young people today, the behavior of girls is extremely difficult to distinguish from the behavior of boys. They are brash, swear, smoke, engage in active and aggressive sports, wear boyfriend jeans. This is due to the fact that women have won space and the right for their own realization and […]

Non-purulent mastitis: diagnosis and treatment

[ad_1] Non-purulent mastitis is an inflammatory disease in which the mammary glands are involved in the pathological process. Such inflammation is accompanied by impregnation of breast tissue with serous exudate or the formation of infiltrative changes in them. The prognosis for this condition in more than eighty percent of cases is favorable. However, with the […]

Sisyphean disease. How to get rid of kidney stones

[ad_1] The consequences of advanced urolithiasis (ICD) are very dangerous — up to the loss of a kidney and death. Therefore, it is necessary to be treated on time. Moreover, today it is often possible to get rid of the stone without surgery. Or minimally invasive. told about this urologist, oncologist, doctor of the […]

Physical education up to temperature. Why do you get hot after a workout?

[ad_1] In autumn, the gyms and the fitness club begin to fill up. Firstly, it is already uncomfortable to play sports on the street, and secondly, people begin to lose weight and get in shape before the winter holidays. At the same time, visitors to the halls often train beyond measure, not correctly calculating the […]