How transvaginal technology saves women from pain

[ad_1] You can envy the fair sex — the female body is designed in such a way that it is possible to perform an abdominal operation without leaving a single scar on the skin. The path to the kidneys, stomach and other internal organs, the surgeons laid through the female vagina, and this method avoids […]

I am not an alcoholic! Why do people get drunk without noticing?

[ad_1] “I can’t live without champagne. When I win, I deserve it; when I lose, I need it.” Words that are attributed Winston Churchillare reminiscent of the excuses of people who drink alcohol. They do not consider themselves addicted people, let alone alcoholics. spoke with Gestalt therapist Andrey Inozemtsevto understand what lies behind the […]

Human papillomavirus as a cause of cervical cancer

[ad_1] The human papillomavirus has attracted close attention of scientists after it was noticed that it not only provides the formation of warts, but also contributes to the development of cancer. It is impossible to predict how infection with the virus will turn out: either the infection will disappear from the body without a trace, […]

Rehabilitation at home. Top five questions about stroke

[ad_1] The free stroke hotline — 8 (800) 707-52-29 — is open daily from 9:00 to 21:00. It was organized by the Society of Relatives of Stroke Patients (ORBI). About 6,000 people apply to it every year. Medical expert of the society Asya Dobrozhanskaya answered five of the most popular questions asked by callers: 1. […]

Chronicle of an undeclared death. Why do students die in physics class?

[ad_1] In the Novosibirsk region on October 10, during a physical education lesson during a warm-up, a second-grader became ill, fell and reportedly died on the way to the hospital. Earlier, on October 4, a 14-year-old teenager died in Bashkiria during a karate training session. Why do children die under such circumstances, how often does […]