Hemorrhoids in women: causes of formation, characteristic symptoms

[ad_1] Hemorrhoids in women began to be diagnosed more and more often. But it occurs with the same frequency in men and women, regardless of age. Although hemorrhoids manifest themselves in both sexes in the same way, the causes of its occurrence are different. Predisposing factors for this disease are hidden in our lifestyle. Why […]

A little pepper in the cold. Why spicy food is addictive

[ad_1] Is it true that spicy food is addictive and damages the taste buds, and can a person who is used to spicy food return to a regular diet? The aif.ru journalist talks about this with gastroenterologist Svetlana Domozhirova. — It is believed that spicy food is addictive and a person constantly increases the amount […]

Menopause in women: causes and manifestations

[ad_1] Menopause is a harbinger of adulthood, and in connection with this, a large number of women have a number of questions about their health. The most common of them: how to avoid sudden hot flashes, jumps in blood pressure, headaches, frequent mood swings, insomnia? What is menopause and how to facilitate its course? The […]

Fire in the stomach. Can spicy food cause gastritis?

[ad_1] Can spicy food cause gastritis in healthy people? How safe is the «fire» in the stomach for the stomach? And what is more in pepper, spices and seasonings — harmful or useful? aif.ru told about this gastroenterologist Svetlana Domozhirova. What is the use of spicy and spicy? — If we talk about the spices […]

Ayurveda and relief of menopause symptoms: useful tips

[ad_1] Menopause or menopause is the cessation of the monthly menstrual cycle in women. This happens most often in the interval between 40-50 years due to the stoppage of the ovaries and the release of hormones. According to the ancient science called Ayurveda, menopause is a special time in the life of any woman. It […]

Cervical dysplasia: principles of a healthy diet

[ad_1] Cervical dysplasia is an atypical change in the epithelial tissue of the vagina, which is referred to as a precancerous process. The disease is found in 1-2 women out of a thousand. The risk of developing this disease increases not only with frequent inflammation and infection of the cervix, but also with a deficiency […]

Excessive sweating after 40 years: menopause or disease?

[ad_1] Profuse sweating is usually associated with hot weather and intense workouts. But if a person is 40 or more years old, and he notices that he regularly wakes up on wet sheets, his palms are always sweaty, this may be due to a special health condition (climax), taking certain medications, diabetes mellitus or other […]

Plants useful for women’s beauty and health

[ad_1] For thousands of years, the gifts of forests and fields have been used for medicinal purposes and to maintain beauty and youth. Even with the development of medicine and cosmetology, many herbs remain the main helpers of women in maintaining skin elasticity, hair shine and nail strength. Beauty is a terrible power, especially if […]

Why does pain occur during intercourse: causes of discomfort

[ad_1] Pain during intercourse, unfortunately, is quite common. We asked experienced gynecologists to explain the causes of discomfort and talk about methods for eliminating it. Endometriosis as the main cause of pain The medical name for pain during lovemaking is dyspareunia. Sometimes the reason for its appearance may be inexperience or psychological problems of partners. […]

Autumn perfumes: warming, soft and cozy scents

[ad_1] In autumn, with the onset of the first cold weather, we change not only clothes for warmer ones, but also perfumes. Aromas for rainy days are the opposite of summer smells: warming, more intense, sensual, they will relieve the autumn blues and envelop you with their warmth. What scents are best for fall? What […]