How to survive the menopause and cope with its manifestations

[ad_1] During menopause, a woman’s life inevitably changes. With the right attitude to age-related changes, it is much easier for a woman to endure a cardinal restructuring in the body. Proper nutrition, sufficient physical activity, the absence of extra pounds and a sparing daily routine will not get rid of the unpleasant symptoms of menopause, […]

How to survive monthly pain syndrome?

[ad_1] Painful menstruation is a monthly curse for 30-50% of women of reproductive age. Pain, spasms, a state of general discomfort are knocked out of the usual rhythm of life and lead to conflicts with others. MedAboutMe figured out how to deal with painful periods. What is dysmenorrhea? Dysmenorrhea (aka algomenorrhea) is actually painful spasms […]

A miscarriage and its consequences for the psyche: how to survive the grief of losing a child

[ad_1] A pregnancy that ends abruptly in miscarriage is an emotionally and physically difficult experience in any circumstance. Especially if a woman is being treated for infertility or has already experienced one or more spontaneous abortions, in which case the repetition of the situation becomes the most painful. Although time is considered the best healer, […]

Yulia Baranovskaya: “Any point on the map of Russia is a place of power for me”

[ad_1] Known TV presenter Yulia Baranovskaya, seems to have time for everything in the world: raising three children, building a career, studying his country. The star spoke about places of power in Russia, about relations with her daughter and about her social project “Women of Donbass” in an interview with AiF. PRO Health. “I need […]

Threat of miscarriage: causes and symptoms during pregnancy

[ad_1] Termination of pregnancy, whether early or late, is always a difficult test for a woman and her entire family. This is especially difficult if it was preceded by a long period of waiting for a baby or infertility treatment, there have already been miscarriages or other problems with pregnancy. In this case, to survive […]

The best winter creams for healthy and well-groomed skin

[ad_1] The harsh Russian winter is not only beautiful, but also frosty. How to survive temperature changes, cold winds and hard frosts for the owner of delicate and silky skin of the face and body? MedAboutMe has put together a collection of the best cold pore creams for you — check it out! Hypoallergenic hand […]

Hormonal games: diet, fitness and menstruation

[ad_1] For men, all days of the month, except weekends and holidays, are similar to each other. For women, things are a little different. The point is in the different phases that make up the menstrual cycle, or rather, in the female sex hormones. Their level affects what happens in the body of the fair […]

PMS: effective pain relief methods

[ad_1] Pain that appears monthly, at the same time a few days before menstruation, is a common phenomenon. At this time, many women begin to have chest pains, pulling pains in the abdomen, calves of the legs swell, irritability and anxiety appear. Causeless tearfulness and apathetic state are suddenly replaced by aggressiveness that has arisen […]

Love affair at work. Why you shouldn’t have a relationship at work

[ad_1] According to, an office romance took place in the lives of 41% of employees. Moreover, one in five led to marriage. It turns out that work is a good place to find your life partner, despite the fact that employers are usually against intrigues, and work colleagues can start gossiping behind their backs. […]

Early menopause: what to do?

[ad_1] Early menopause in women is becoming one of the sad signs of modernity. If a couple of decades ago, ladies encountered this phenomenon only after forty-five years, then in our time, some of the fair sex, already at forty, begin to feel all the “joys” of early menopause. What is early menopause and how […]