Symptoms of menopause in women

[ad_1] It all depends on the attitude to the natural processes of life and on the readiness to meet changes in your body adequately. What you need to know about menopause Little-informed women have little idea of ​​what happens during the menopause. It seems to many that a certain age is coming — and that’s […]

Itching in the groin in women

[ad_1] Itching is a subjectively unpleasant sensation that occurs in response to irritation of the skin or mucous membranes. For the sensation of itching, special sensitive endings of nerve cells that perceive pathological impulses are responsible. Previously, it was believed that itching appears as a result of irritation of pain receptors. However, according to researchers […]

Miscarriage in early pregnancy: causes, signs and symptoms, possible treatment

[ad_1] According to medical statistics, approximately one in eight clinically diagnosed pregnancies ends in miscarriage, or spontaneous termination. The indicated indicator can be considered conditional, since it often happens that a miscarriage occurs in the primary period after conception, when the woman does not yet know about the onset of pregnancy. Under such circumstances, the […]

The threat of miscarriage during pregnancy: treatment options, prevention

[ad_1] With the threat of miscarriage, most of the therapeutic measures are carried out in a hospital. It is within its walls that you can provide the expectant mother with complete peace and carry out all the necessary procedures. Sometimes, if the situation is not critical, home treatment is acceptable, but subject to all medical […]

Threat of miscarriage: causes and symptoms during pregnancy

[ad_1] Termination of pregnancy, whether early or late, is always a difficult test for a woman and her entire family. This is especially difficult if it was preceded by a long period of waiting for a baby or infertility treatment, there have already been miscarriages or other problems with pregnancy. In this case, to survive […]

Corset against hernia. Therapeutic exercises can help relieve back pain

[ad_1] A herniated disc is a fairly common occurrence in people of all ages. Simple exercises help to prevent a painful attack and restrain the development of a hernia. “The goal of physical therapy for hernias is to maintain the tone of the back muscles,” says neurologist of the network of clinics Igor Matsokin. – […]

No more squeak. Who needs to wear night guards

[ad_1] Dentists recommend brushing your teeth before bed, but for some this ritual is not enough. To maintain oral health, a night mouthguard is also added to the toothbrush. Dentist-orthopedist Raul Otkhozoria In an interview with, he told in what cases dental pads are used, how much it costs and how not to accidentally […]

The hormone progesterone: where is it secreted, why is it needed, progesterone norms

[ad_1] Hormonal regulation plays a key role in the life of every person, regardless of gender. Under the action of hormones, metabolism is regulated, reproductive function is carried out. Failures in the production of hormones or a violation of the recognition of these biological agents by cell receptors cause the development of various kinds of […]

Cervical cancer: methods of prevention

[ad_1] Cervical cancer is currently the second most common cancer in women of reproductive age. The incidence can be traced throughout the world, although most cases are diagnosed in South America and the African continent. The low mortality rate from cervical cancer in the United States is due to early diagnosis and prevention of the […]

Colpitis: causes, symptoms and treatment

[ad_1] Colpitis is a pathological process characterized by the occurrence of isolated inflammation in the mucous membrane that lines the vagina. This disease has a second name — vaginitis. It can develop as a result of exposure to the body of infectious flora or as a result of other internal disorders. This pathology is one […]