Symptoms and signs of spontaneous abortion in early pregnancy: what you need to know about miscarriage

[ad_1] Often, a woman has a miscarriage at a very early date, when she may not even be aware of her new position. In this case, it is taken for the next, more abundant and slightly out of time menstruation, and no more manifestations are detected. However, if the termination of pregnancy is already long […]

Endometriosis: an unexpected problem

[ad_1] Endometriosis is a disease in which patches of the endometrium, the lining of the uterus, appear in a variety of places in the body, from the ovaries and bladder to the nose and eyes. Since the structure of these «spies behind enemy lines» correspond to the normal endometrium, menstrual bleeding occurs from them every […]

Psychological consequences of spontaneous abortion: what is important to know

[ad_1] Pregnancy, which did not end with the birth of a child due to spontaneous abortion, miscarriage or stillbirth, causes many feelings and experiences. What to expect when you are no longer expecting a baby? MedAboutMe talks about what affects feelings, how to help women cope with the feeling of loss, and research scientists warn […]

5 Unexpected Causes of Weakened Libido

[ad_1] Even if your relationship is full of passion and emotions, periods of intense intimacy are invariably replaced by moments of calm, and this does not mean at all that you have stopped loving each other. It’s just that your beloved has difficulties at work, you are busy solving family problems that have arisen, or […]

The role of hormones, infections and stress in the development of miscarriage, spontaneous abortion

[ad_1] Not always a pregnancy that has come planned or unexpected for a woman ends with the birth of a child. In some cases, various external factors or health problems interfere with its development, resulting in a miscarriage. The timing of this tragic event can vary from the first weeks, even before the delay, to […]

Menstrual irregularities: the role of hormones and stress

[ad_1] During puberty, girls have a menstrual cycle, which, before the onset of menopause, should be regular, with mild physiological bleeding and a certain duration. If the balance of hormones is disturbed, pathologies of the reproductive sphere occur, body weight fluctuates sharply or severe stress affects, menstrual disorders occur, up to the formation of amenorrhea […]

Decrease in degree. Who is at risk for cold dermatitis?

[ad_1] Cold allergy is one of the most common diseases. It occurs under the influence of low temperatures on the body. According to statistics, women aged 21-60 are more likely to suffer from such an allergy. Such a pathology is also known under the name of cold dermatitis. What it is, told Tatyana Egorova, […]

Mom came again. How to build relationships with mother-in-law and mother-in-law

[ad_1] «…And they lived happily ever after». For many young and middle-aged couples, family happiness is overshadowed by the presence of a mother who strives to intervene and help. The spouses get annoyed and dream that their mother (and sometimes there are two of them) disappear and live their own separate life. At the same […]

How to return the uterus to its place when it is lowered?

[ad_1] Many women do not care about their reproductive health at all, believing that periodic visits to the gynecologist are quite enough for the prevention and timely diagnosis of various unpleasant diseases. But it happens that during the next appointment you can hear unexpected news about the prolapse of the uterus. But how to return […]

Hygiene habits are harmful to health

[ad_1] Surprisingly, cosmetologists and dermatologists are sure that many habits associated with elementary hygiene are not useful, but, on the contrary, harmful. Some of them lead to early aging, while others may well contribute to the development of various diseases. Frequent showering is a bad habit Many girls and guys believe that showers should be […]