Alcohol and women’s health: 6 key facts

[ad_1] Everyone knows that alcohol harms our body. Beer, cocktails, wine, vodka, whiskey, martinis, champagne do not benefit anyone, but they affect the female body in a particularly destructive way, and even drinking moderately, the beautiful half of humanity puts their beauty and health at risk. The main insidiousness of alcoholic beverages is that they […]

How transvaginal technology saves women from pain

[ad_1] You can envy the fair sex — the female body is designed in such a way that it is possible to perform an abdominal operation without leaving a single scar on the skin. The path to the kidneys, stomach and other internal organs, the surgeons laid through the female vagina, and this method avoids […]

Deadly SARS. What kind of virus is killing children in the US and do we have it?

[ad_1] In the United States, pediatric hospitals have been overwhelmed for two weeks now. The reason is one of SARS: respiratory syncytial infection (RS infection). Mostly children under 2 years of age are affected. The number of deaths has exceeded a hundred. The infection can be similar to the common cold, but it can also […]

Smoking and women’s health, the relationship between smoking and infertility

[ad_1] As you know, the importance of a healthy lifestyle for women planning pregnancy is undeniable. Bad habits can affect reproductive health and reduce the chance of having a healthy baby. These negative factors include smoking, alcohol and other drug use, unhealthy food, and environmental exposure. Smoking has been one of the most common bad […]

Mastopathy: causes, mechanism of development and manifestations

[ad_1] Mastopathy is a proliferative change in the breast tissue that occurs outside of pregnancy. To understand the essence of the disease, it is necessary to imagine how this organ works. The female breast consists of several types of tissues: glandular tissue, connective tissue and adipose tissue. In different periods of life, depending on the […]

Feminine features — cute and not so

[ad_1] Women are wired differently than men and behave differently. They have a different purpose, their body is designed by nature in such a way that this purpose is best suited. But some features of the female body can bring trouble to herself and others. MedAboutMe congratulates all the fair sex on the holiday and […]

Cold water therapy: attitude at home and abroad

[ad_1] Winter swimming, hardening with cold water, dipping into an ice hole after a steam room — for our country, all this does not seem strange or illogical. Well, not everyone does this. But certainly no one is surprised to see vigorous healthy men swimming in rivers and lakes in winter or late autumn. But […]

Cervical cancer: methods of prevention

[ad_1] Cervical cancer is currently the second most common cancer in women of reproductive age. The incidence can be traced throughout the world, although most cases are diagnosed in South America and the African continent. The low mortality rate from cervical cancer in the United States is due to early diagnosis and prevention of the […]

Uterine transplant: medical and ethical issues

[ad_1] It looks like transplantologists have made a new breakthrough: uterus transplantation is now possible. So, the problem of infertility will recede one more step. MedAboutMe shares interesting facts about womb transplant. From the history of the issue Over the past hundred years, medicine has not only stepped far forward, it has literally soared to […]

Why is alcoholism dangerous for women?

[ad_1] Alcoholism in women is a special problem that affects not only personally those who have become a victim of an addiction that has turned into addiction, their relatives and friends, but also society as a whole. This disease is characterized by a high tolerance to alcohol, difficulty in controlling its use, and physical suffering […]