Demand for vasectomy among young people is growing in the US

[ad_1] After the decision of the US Supreme Court to remove the right to abortion, the number of requests for vasectomy among young Americans has increased dramatically. Urologists have reported that more men are seeking the procedure to prevent pregnancy and avoid problems associated with abortion. Doug Stein, MD, a urologist and vasectomy advocate, said […]

To whom and why is castration carried out today?

[ad_1] In today’s world, the term «castration» is almost always used in relation to animals. It is rather hard to imagine that just a few centuries ago, the castration of a person was a completely normal procedure. Almost everyone knows about eunuchs and famous singers deprived of manhood, but they are found only on the […]

Pregnancy Planning: Fertility Tests and Infertility Tests

[ad_1] The list of analyzes and tests for couples planning a child is huge. These examinations require time, money and yes, nerves. And what, they are all needed? MedAboutMe tells what is really necessary, what from the list of examinations does not make sense before conception — if there are no special indications to undergo […]